Sow wheat late 6 crucial step
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As a result of before crop crop did not arrive harvest or weather of the rain that receive back are caused sow period too late, sow wheat late to basically behave the tillering before be a winter little or not tillering, seedling small, Miao Ruo, root system grows poor. Before sowing wheaten winter according to evening, accumulate lukewarm little, root little, seedling process of development of small, Miao Ruo, spring is speedy wait for a feature, should have caught mainly the following 6 crucial step:
One, adjust breed, with planting filling Wan Jina basically popularizes Han 6172, Han wheat 11 wait for half winter sex high grade and wheaten breed.
2, increase appropriately sow a quantity, with filling closely the area austral Wan Jizhong after October 15, sow a day every night, every mus sow 0.5 kilograms of wheat to plant more.
3, add fertilization to expect, below the premise that fertilizes in the recipe with fat filling evening, add the fertilizer that apply phosphor, deserve to apply small fertilizer, small fertilizer fills every mus Shi Xin is fat 2 kilograms, boracic fertilizer 2 kilograms.
4, the artful water that irrigate aspic, defer spring water sows cornfield late not to irrigate aspic water commonly, irrigate late spring water. Encounter autumn drought to should irrigate aspic water early badly, water quantity wants small. Spring one water time is in commonly the last ten-day of a month will come in March in April the first ten days of a month,
5, delimit v hoe loosen the soil, add evening of lukewarm preservation of soil moisture to sow cornfield relative to the way corp is growing weaker, group slants small, realizing the Zhuang Miao before the winter, on the foundation of hurried Nie, delimit v hoe loosen the soil. No matter irrigate aspic water,still be spring water, after irrigating, answer to delimit in time v hoe loosen the soil, add lukewarm preservation of soil moisture with benefit, raise ground temperature, hurried wheat seeding is dovish grow, in order to make sure spic is counted. Later period should notice to prevent plant diseases and insect pests and lodging, make sure bead is heavy.
6, gush face of blade is fat, add mass of 1000 kernel to grow later period gush uses 0.3% or so phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium or special page leavening dough, be like green wind 95, rich Er 655, Feng Biling, add fertilizer to prevent dry sirocco again already.