Precaution of pily disaster caused by a windstorm and fight calamity to decrease
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Cotton is a kind of main economy crop, bear period longer, suffer the effect of all sorts of calamity easily, main atmosphere calamity has damage caused by waterlogging, drought, disaster caused by a windstorm and disaster caused by hail. These calamity to pily growth development is affected very big, meet those who create large area close absolutely even sometimes. Adopt on production fight calamity accordingly to remedy technical measure, reduce the loss of pily crop, having important sense.

Pily disaster caused by a windstorm basically is a typhoon. The typhoon is the atmosphere calamity that cotton earthnut grows seasonal middling to happen, occurrence meeting of the typhoon causes the lodging that pily bedding face accumulates and damage, happen in 8-9 month commonly. Its remedy measure.

(1) rapid eduction is field seeper. Typhonic companion has torrential rain, rapid eduction answers after calamity field seeper, make cotton individual plant restores to grow as soon as possible, reduce cotton buds and bolls to fall off.

(2) individual plant of the cotton that support put in order. After pily lodging, want to support put in order in time, improvement is field and ventilated pervious to light condition, reduce cotton buds and bolls to fall off. The time that support put in order wants early, the typhoon passes, field foot bright, issue Tian Fuli instantly. Support manage method, want to leave field according to the direction of pily lodging, gently help cotton up, in Jibupei earthy mulch. Cannot have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, cannot have pulled a head more or walk suddenly forcibly, cause damage artificially in case.

(3) fill in time fat. Fill in time fertilizer grows to restoring cotton, it is very important that the light that enhances blade combines a function. General typhoon happens in the later period that cotton grows, filling fertilizer is given priority to with fertilizer of gush of face of blade. Respectively gush applies 2-3 second, every time removed 7-10 day.

(4) picked Huang Ling. After cotton individual plant is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, sodden bell number can increase, be like not seasonable picked Huang Ling, the loss will be increased. Ambitious pick the exterior to become yellow scorch, ling carapace hair is yellow, ling needle just saw interstitial mouth yellow bell, cannot pluck the Qing Ling that has not mature. Huang Ling is picked meeting, want lay open air to bask in, allow its nature boll opening, do not pare instantly Ling, the nutrient that affects Ling carapace is carried to fiber. If encounter weather of overcast and rainy, can use ethylene benefit accelerate the ripening, its method is every 50kg Huang Ling adds water 2.5kg to spray with benefit of 0.2Kg 40% ethylene, immediately piles frowsty 4-5 hour, next lay open air, when cotton boll craze, opening of bolls relatively when free, undertake collecting closing again.

(5) improve cotton field microclimate. Because calamity hind complemented fat water, cotton field later period may appear be shadedby foilage, want seasonable pruning so, hit Laoxie, make edge heart, wipe bud of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married, improve field microclimate, keep field and ventilated pervious to light. (Zhang Lixia of the member that science and technology of agriculture of town of city of Dong Ping county enters an instructor)
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