Of Chinese cabbage store up technology
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One, timely results

When amount of Chinese cabbage lay aside is large, can shift to an earlier date a few days to harvest appropriately, stay when results about 3, 4 centimeters long root cuts down. Choose character much Xie Shao of good, side, be able to bear or endure the variety with lay aside nice sex.

2, the preparation before entering store sth in a cellar or pit

1, air is basked in. Air of the on the spot after be being harvested for store Chinese cabbage is basked in 4, 5 days, the dish when air is basked in smooth put ridge in a field, south root face, 2, 3 days retroflexion food put oneself in another's position, continue air basks in 2 days or so, obtain food erect, the rate that the leaf hangs down outside and does not change can. The Xue Tian that receive rain or cold current are like during air is basked in, dish small pile of heart of voidance of code of on the spot, in dish root face, the battlements should fall wide on narrow, seal a top finally, battlements upper cover some dish leaf or careless cover with a straw mat.

2, beforehand lay aside. The dish that has basked in wants carry to arrive near vegetable cellar beforehand lay aside, pile up dish dew ground into hollow circle battlements namely, in root face, when strong midday light, the cover with a straw mat that build grass is prevented bask in, night temperature under - when 1 ℃ , the cover with a straw mat that build grass is prevented cold. Beforehand during lay aside every 3, pour a battlements 4 days. Also can adopt a root to be down, on Xie Xiang erect at the ground, smooth place, enclothe slightly all around. Beforehand during lay aside once suffer aspic, must " freeze outside cellar, change outside cellar " .

3, arrange. Dish is arranged before entering store sth in a cellar or pit, select Huang Xie, sodden leaf, ill part of a historical period, the lamina that does not fizzle out not to rot is withheld as far as possible in order to protect Xie Qiu,

3, store up means

Store sth in a cellar or pit is entered in Frost's descent around, basically store up means has lot lay aside, frame lay aside and hang lay aside.

1, caboodle lay aside. Chinese cabbage becomes series in cellar internal code tall 1, 1.5 meters, wide 1, 2 dish grow and form battlements, blade tip is opposite, outside root face; Or the root is opposite, the leaf is arranged relatively outside face, a kind of platoon has been labelled after the initial stage that enter store sth in a cellar or pit, be helpful for ventilated, drop in temperature, the platoon is wet, into wintry hind a kind of platoon has been labelled before, favorable environment heat preservation is prevented cold.

2, wear lay aside. Put Chinese cabbage wear in storied dish on, every interval 20, 25 centimeters, every are worn put food 1, 2, from cellar bottom 20, 30 centimeters rise, till cellar supports, effect of this kind of means low, lay aside period grows good, loss, time pouring cellar is little.
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