Houseplant winter day defends cold measure
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Major houseplant and originate in intertropical, semi-tropical flowers formerly, to microtherm it is more sensitive, they like the thaw of at least 15 degrees of above, when temperature under centigrade 10 degrees when, the likelihood causes a few harm to plant, if blade produces stain or etiolation to drop, new bud stops to grow, young death of tender branch wither, or it is root ministry frostbite, affect those who raise moisture to absorb then, make plant grows suffocate suffocate. The following measure, but will cold kill case to decrease the smallest:
1, during cold current will raid, stop to water reach fertilization. Overmuch moisture stops in root ministry, easy make root ministry gets hurt, unfavorable also fertilization, lest create the burden of a ministry.
2, move to warmer lee, and can the place of block rain, or at with the wind face, erect prevents wind net.
3, if cannot move,come indoor, but at nightly enclothe black plastic cloth, but need to removed black cloth by day.
4, at ordinary times but employ potash fertilizer and calcic fertilizer, in order to raise floral cold-resistant sex.