Technology of prevention and cure of edible bacterium springtail
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Springtail calls cigarette ash bug again, the commonnest purple springtail, black flat springtail waits, springtail has stay of proceedings of stay of proceedings of smooth stay of proceedings, straw mushroom, drumstick, Bao of Xianggu mushroom, apricot, big ball to build stay of proceedings, agaric, hedgehog hydnum, Ji Songrong to wait for harmful edible bacterium.
One, configuration feature
1. Imaginal. Form if flea, naked eye looks clear hard, body length 1. 0 millimeter- - 1. 5 millimeter, weak gray comes grey purple, have short form antenna, body softness, often expect in education or crawl quickly on seed body, the rear has play implement, be apt to is bouncing, bouncing height can amount to 20 centimeters- - 30 centimeters, encounter a bit stimulation leaves with bounce means namely or play dead is not moved. Body watch provides waxiness layer, do not fear water.
2. Larval. White, bodily form and imago are similar, dormancy hind is exuvial, silver grey is lubricious, gregarious when gray, as cigarette ash, reason bug of renown cigarette ash.
3. Egg. White is globose, translucent, often originate in edible bacterium to earth up nourishment inside or on layer of to earth up.
2, life characteristics
1. Grow progenitive. Cycle is short, grow progenitive fast springtail is in warm (20 ℃- - 28 ℃ ) damp (air relative humidity 85 % ) comparative below the condition active, progenitive rate is the rapiddest, can produce 6 generation every year- - 7 generation.
2. Be fond of damp environment. Inside nourishment of Yu Pei of collect of springtail Chang Qun or pileus surface is bitten feed the bacterium after sowing is planted or already the mycelial of bud, to kill young stay of proceedings, made wither dies. Also can be gotten into handle of stay of proceedings or take in lid of stay of proceedings feed, 1 day- - the seed body that already was about to mature inside 3 days is gnawed 1000 sore 100 aperture, lose commodity value. According to investigating discovery, in the small sunken hole that after building power of stay of proceedings of stay of proceedings to kill big ball, forms but conceal springtail hundreds.
3. Life range is wide, polyphagia is strong. Springtail happens in more ventilated breathe freely poor, the environment is too damp, guard the house of stay of proceedings of unripe condition extreme difference, it is inside room of stay of proceedings not only kill a variety of edible bacterium, and see all the year round on excrement and urine of fallen leaves of soil, fireweed, deadwood, domestic animals. They can float in surface, and bouncing freely, the amount when the fair after raining continuously especially is more.
4. Carry and transmit plant diseases and insect pests, cause across to repeat infection. The imago of springtail and larval body watch carry many bacteria and mite bug. Lay eggs as springtail take feed wait for an activity, springtail plant diseases and insect pests also the point that grow like a weed reachs to place. If the condition is appropriate, appear across repeats infection, to edible bacterium production causes significant loss.
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