How to prevent edible bacterium soft rot
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Soft rot is one of disease that endanger edible mushroom production, when coming on, white mycelial appears on bed of stay of proceedings, and grow like a weed, if be controlled not in time, can expand to bed of whole stay of proceedings. In humidity bigger case falls, but handle substance is all " gobble up " and the mycelial that sees posse white only, mycelial of later period white turns into bright pink color. Dawdle is in whole development period can be planted by this the be contaminated of the bacteria, by the seed body of be contaminated graduate is Brown till decay.
Method of prevention and cure: 1, disinfection of to earth up. 2, the number in water of gush of bed of stay of proceedings should reduce when this are ill local happening, strengthen room of stay of proceedings ventilated, reduce humidity. The formaldehyde solution in 5%% of ~ of 2%% of sicken place gush or methylic 500 times fluid undertakes the ferry that hold cloth in the palm prevention and cure, also can scatter calx pink to undertake preventing and cure
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