The technology of prevention and cure of disease of stain of acupuncture needle
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One, shading is ill. This is a kind of bacterium that causes by bacterium of false odd Bao sexual disease. After coming on, pileus of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings appears elliptic Brown or puce stain, pinpoint shape is first, the diameter after expanding amounts to 2 ~ 4 millimeter, the brim is orderly, sometimes pileus craze. Method of prevention and cure: The most important is the temperature with very appropriate control and humidity. To aspersion of room of stay of proceedings when, cannot sprinkle water on body of seed of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings directly, special not usable cold water sprays. The humidity inside room of stay of proceedings cannot long prep above 90% , want to see weather variation aspersion, sunshine aspersion wants light, diligent, fine, day of overcast and rainy should be aspersed less or not aspersion. Strengthen first after aspersion every time ventilated, cover ground film next. During giving stay of proceedings, indoor air temperature should be moved to 17 ℃ the following. After coming on, want to excise ill stay of proceedings in time, spray every milliliter of 200 units of 100 ~ agricultural streptomycin or bleaching powder 600 times fluid.
2, rusty spot is ill. This disease is caused by bacterium of false odd Bao, pileus of stay of proceedings of acupuncture needle of main be contaminated, initial stage is syringe needle shape, expand into size of sesame seed bead after, although the brim is not orderly, but irregular big rusty spot can be become jointly each other between ill spot. Method of prevention and cure: To prevent the happening of rusty spot disease, to be not being aspersed to seed body directly when aspersion of room of stay of proceedings, want after aspersion seasonable and ventilated, indoor air relative humidity exceeds 95% not for long, after when covering ground film, bacterium bag surface should wait for air of seed form moisture content. Come on earlier, should prevent a bacteria to spread to healthy seed body, use the much bacterium spirit of 50% what 800 times fluid or every milliliter contain 200 units of 100 ~ is agricultural streptomycin sprays
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