White clever mushroom produces unbalanced reason and precautionary measures
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Abnormal stay of proceedings reduces item category, lose commodity value even, the influence helps advance somebody's career economic benefits, this problem is generally. Common abnormal mushroom has: Pileus hug is not exhibited, show " fist shape " ; The handle grows fertilizer thick, lid is small, show " vase shape " ; The lid caves, by the side of outside cracking, coil, show " broken bowl shape " ; The lid is narrow long, show " bovine tongue shape " ; Cover face spot, show " hemp face shape " ; The tumour in the lid is swollen protuberant, show " bilge celiac shape " ; Two lids are exhibited, the handle is connected closely, show " butterfly shape " ; The lid bends rough, show " wave margin account " ; Plait of the wrap up that build a circle, bacterium is contractive, show " bareheaded shape " ; Even if fissure is seamed,cover a range, show " shape of beautiful stay of proceedings " ; Count stay of proceedings and be born, show " lotus shape " ; In addition still body of form of atrophy of body of stay of proceedings, stay of proceedings slants yellow become angry form etc. The happening of abnormal stay of proceedings, investigate its reason is to foster ambient conditions and physiology of white clever mushroom, biochemistry to ask not to suit. The key depends on giving period of stay of proceedings lukewarm, wet, smooth, breath is harmonious and bad, error is operated to wait a moment on administrative technique. Concrete analysis undertakes below, put forward to avoid the relevant measure that abnormal stay of proceedings produces.
Structure of 1. room canopy is unreasonable
White clever mushroom helps advance somebody's career place (room of indoor stay of proceedings and canopy of field stay of proceedings) , many building pallet, the structure is unreasonable. Windows of some door of stay of proceedings are one-way, some intake leave to get on half in wall body, cause indoor air not current; Some is plastic although big canopy both sides has intake, but intake is forward bacterium wall two end; Also although some leaves have intake, but for heat preservation, did not open from beginning to end. Because the air inside canopy is not current, cause serious and anoxic, the white clever stay of proceedings that causes good temperament becomes deformation. Canopy of ideal stay of proceedings should is sit south the Northern Dynasties or sit on the west eastwards. From heat preservation and ventilated angle consideration, help advance somebody's career room canopy shoulds not be too big, general rectangle every canopy in order to allow 3000 bags (8 × of 15 × 2.2m) or 5000 bags (8 × of 25 × 2.2m) for comfortable. Intake should be set in long to both sides lower part, the build by laying bricks or stones that use a brick becomes line of action of 24 × 24cm, every other 1m opens 1, the mouth of transverse both sides and mouth tall, be helpful for air convection. Film of two end door should open canopy of stay of proceedings can shut, be helpful for fore-and-aft air convection; Canopy carries application on the head to increase careless shade or sunshade net without drop film.
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