Chemical fertilizer of autumn sowing of county of Tibetan Long Zi allocates and
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Index of chemical fertilizer of autumn sowing of Long Zi county is 140 tons, among them: 2 amine 50 tons, urea 90 tons, for cogent and contented farming herd the people's livelihood produces demand, via Long Zi bureau of prefectural farming herd and area farming herd bureau, on the west farming the branch austral group hill is harmonious, end at present, allocate and transport in all autumn sowing chemical fertilizer 174 tons, among them: 2 amine 50 tons, urea 124 tons, exceed target 34 tons.
Allocate and transport through exceeding target chemical fertilizer, alleviated on certain level the manufacturing condition problem that in short supply poses. At present Long Zi county is carrying chemical fertilizer in seasonable arrangement toward each countryside (town) , had fulfilled with all one's strength agricultural goods and materials, begin smoothly actively for broad masses farming work of animal husbandry production offers advantage.