Phosphoric acid one ammonium clinchs a deal the price continues to drop
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Because downstream and complex fat industry is wait-and-see,be in the majority, this week phosphoric acid one ammonium clinchs a deal the price continues to drop. Current and whole phosphoric acid one ammonium industry is wait-and-see atmosphere is full-bodied, major small company is restricted to produce, stop production, big company does not quote basically also, the start working of whole industry leads inadequacy 40% . At present 55% farinaceous phosphoric acid the mainstream of one ammonium clinchs a deal the price has fallen defeated 2000 yuan / ton, be in commonly 1800-2000 yuan / or so tons, the low end of some areas the price is in 1700 yuan even / or so tons. Although the price falls continuously, but this did not give phosphoric acid the addition that one ammonium enterprise brings sales volume, contrary as a result of raw material price fall and buying go up not to buy dropping psychological action, be expected to fall of the city after downstream and compound fat company is right still, great majority is in wait-and-see, those who await the market is farther drop. Sulfureous market still is in drop continuously, of phosphorite stone new purchased valence to also glide 30 yuan / ton. As a result of raw material price glide, one ammonium price still manages predicting later period hard in a steady state, mainstream price still can have the space that declines further.