Answer fertilizer industry is faced with domestic phosphor severe crisis
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Already the tycoon of chemical fractionize industry claims, if or else takes step, whole industry will be destroyed at once.

Wu Xiyan of chairman of association of industry of countrywide phosphate fertilizer says: ' whole nation all 5000 yuan of a ton sulfureous estimation inventory still have valence to be controlled 1.5 million tons, and the inventory of ammonia of all phosphoric acid is in 3.3 million tons about. Deficit is in phosphorous answer fat industry this year 13 billion - 15 billion yuan. He says ' , last year is a particular year with this best industry, also gain 7.6 billion.

Two short month, the sulfureous price that holds 1/2 of phosphorous answer fat cost the 810 dollars from August / ton steep fall to current 55 dollars / ton, cause whole industry an Ai Hong.

Delegate of phosphorous answer fat enterprise tells a reporter, financial crisis is very apparent already to the influence of hypostatic economy, producer price of ' all product already dropped go 30 % are much. '

Of sulfureous price soare steep fall the ' that be by the analogy inside course of study the hundred years miracle '—— that encounters is current answer fertilizer produces domestic phosphor enterprise the sulfureous raw material of 90 % increases two countries import from the United States, change the by-product in the process for oil refine, sulfureous price still is in at the beginning of last year 78 dollars a ton, the violent wind when the National Day raises every tons of 240 dollars.

The predicament that this industry faces at present is, enterprise especially key big company retains to make sure production wants normally the raw material inventory of 3 months, and at present phosphorous answer fat cost exceeds every tons 4000 yuan, sulfureous now high table dives, fertilizer market value falls greatly subsequently, the farmer when high price is canned not afford, do not buy for certain with this price farmer now, low undersell enterprise can cause loss of a huge sum, cannot export again now, enterprise storeroom is all already stack, whole industry forms ' of dead bureau of a dish of ' .

Trade public figure changes inventory to calculate according to Yuntian, bibcock of phosphorous answer fat industry holds industry total output deficit already achieved the Yun Tianhua of 20 % 3 billion - 4 billion yuan.

Ren Yajie of general manager of department of market of chemical industry of Yun Tianhua international discloses, such company still is exporting even if, jockey otherwise the loss is bigger. Enterprise delegate tells a reporter, at present the likelihood also has Yun Tianhua only one is being exported. He still says, concerned report is chancy. Be known according to them, actual outcome is less than entire industry after April 100 thousand tons.

The wave motion of chemical fertilizer price already produced immediate consequence. Gao Xiangzhao section chief introduces the Ministry of Agriculture that attend a meeting, dosage of countrywide chemical fertilizer drops this year 5 % , henan, Shandong reachs Heibei to wait for 4 to basically produce grain province to drop amount to 8.8 % , the expert is right next year commissariat whether continue the bumper harvest already began to be anxious. The country also is considering the way to deal with a situation about the branch, be versed in the raw material that believe a ministry manages Zhang Wenming section chief discloses, the country is considering will current 11000 tons ' is weak store ' dimensions enlarges 20 thousand tons. But enterprise delegate thinks, enlarge ' weak store ' is inextricability current problem.
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