Market of ammonium of phosphor of sulfureous slump in price is immersed in backw
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Home market of near future international is sulfureous slump in price, sulfureous FOB maintains Wengehua in 110 dollars / T; Home market factory price by 1000 yuan of October 17 / T drops to 800 yuan of October 247 / T.

Downstream respect, price of domestic phosphoric acid continues low, up to on October 24, advocate produce a division average price has achieved phosphoric acid of level of 85 % industry 4700 yuan or so, but sell a situation still not hopeful.

2 ammonium: Market of this Zhou Er ammonium is immersed in backwater basically, do not have overt value almost, but partial enterprise is in in succession northeast market delivers goods, and it is to deliver goods errant price, such markets can fall defeat very likely further, when predicting after November the market is started in the round, the price still has reduce a space. Fall market ends, but the enterprise still was opposite agency settle accounts, and still continueing to deliver goods to core agency, do not fix a price.

2 ammonium market also is in this week international synchronism goes low, according to concerning a message, american new orleans 2 ammonium price falls split 800 dollars, it is aggravate more panicky psychology, buy the home more by force also downstream manage money wait-and-see situation. Only at present India still is in on international have a few invite public bidding, other region market all is in almost wait-and-see, digest original inventory.

Next week 2 ammonium enterprise will talk about a reasonable gathering price with agency be in harmony, predicting price will be controlled in 2700 yuan.

One ammonium: Rate of this start working of whole of industry of the one ammonium inside Zhou Guo is less than 40 % , major small company is restricted to produce, stop production, big company also with wait-and-see, on the market a few without quote. Downstream and complex fat industry 55 % are farinaceous one ammonium purchases valence to had dropped defeated 2000 yuan, glide to be controlled to 1800 yuan, grain one ammonium clinchs a deal in 1950-2000 yuan, predict what wait for raw material price as vitriolic, liquefied ammonia to glide, one ammonium still can have 200-300 yuan reduce a space.

One ammonium enterprise stops various places basically quote, adopted wait-and-see posture to the market, predict the market still can continue next week the wait-and-see situation of this week, without big change, the price can continue to glide.