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Manufacturing industry should break through cutting tool to need go ahead of the
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In last few years, advanced manufacturing industry labels our country key preferential domain, production technology of machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation is included 16 heavy three-year institution of higher learning one of, all sorts of policy, measure also let a person be full of a hope to the development of industry of numerical control machine tool indeed. However, construction produces power, need numerical control machine tool not only, need advanced cutting tool likewise, in machining process, true with be being machined what the object produces immediate effect is cutting tool. Accordingly, if China thinks production industry can get rapid development, master advanced cutting tool to make a technology become the necessary link of be the first to be affected.

Show according to concerning a material, our country imported product of of all kinds cutting tool in all 2007 23, 364, than going up year increase 64% ; Entrance cutting tool purchases cost to be as high as 28, 5.16 million dollar, than going up year increase 87% . These numbers explain, homebred cutting tool still cannot catch up with the development of machine tool lead plane far, just cause so at present " foreign knife " popular situation. Showing in all the more of trend of market economy globalization today, make clear the difference of as advanced as international level, look for accurate cutting tool to make a group develop a tendency and try hard to catch up, appear particularly important.

Not as small as international level difference
Its development can be handed in morely will promote by enterprise and market. This kind of viewpoint ignored the development history of Chinese tool industry undoubtedly, after founding a state, tool industry setting used Russia pattern, the enterprise is in charge of manufacturing standard cutting tool only, nonstandard cutting tool, special cutting tool is handed in will consider by user industry. But the rapid development as manufacturing industry, present big trend is to need tool industry to offer many individuation solution, this kind of mode of domestic tool industry because of this cannot get used to market demand more and more. Accordingly, of market of our country tool very major especially high-end market is already long-term by foreign manufacturer occupational, such to manufacturing industry even the key field that national security has major effect cannot continue to count foreign company till the cows come home apparently.

Tool industry of China and posture of advanced industry of the tool that cross a state are compared, wait for a respect to be put in very big difference from capital, technology, equipment and level of management. According to expert analysis, the difference of our country is level sex. Main show is in, manufacturing industry still with low end manufacturing industry is given priority to, the product is add the cost is not high, it is only 26.23% . Regard exit as the our country of big country, exporting goods basically is labor concentrated model product, technical content is low. Meanwhile, the specific power consumption of our country manufacturing industry is tall however border going abroad develops level 20% ~ 30% .
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