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Custom duty go up again tone continues pressurization fat city
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Committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council will release on August 30 about adjusting chemical fertilizer kind the product is special the announcement that exports custom duty: The special exit that reachs nitrogenous fertilizer synthetic ammonia since September 1, 2008 is moved to 150% on custom duty, carry out to on December 31, 2008; Come from October 1, 2008 on December 31, continue to impose custom duty of 100% special export to removing the other chemical fertilizer outside two kinds of afore-mentioned products and chemical fertilizer raw material. This is committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council will set afterwards to come from April 20, 2008 on April 15 this year on September 30, the chemical fertilizer that exports to all commerce form, area, enterprise kind product and partial raw material are added since imposing custom duty of 100% special export, adjust chemical fertilizer substantially again kind the product is special export custom duty.
In recent years, country all the time a when adjust custom duty to regard adjusting control chemical fertilizer as the market important step, chemical fertilizer custom duty was moved 7 times on the altogether since 2004 oneself. After be being adjusted through this, will come on September 1 on September 30, tax rate of exit of our country chemical fertilizer will raise 100% ~ 185% differ; Will come on October 1 on December 31, tax rate of exit of our country chemical fertilizer will raise 100% ~ 175% differ.
Will integratedly look, this custom duty adjusts present characteristic of face of the following tripartite:
It is chemical fertilizer exit continues to implement the policy from severe limitation. Can see apparently from inside plan, our country continues to execute to chemical fertilizer exit from severe limitation policy, and be more and more severe. Can prove this from two respects: It is phosphorous ammonium exit policy did not relax at all. It is difficult that as a result of the phosphoric acid after July 2 ammoniums enterprise compares one ammonium, phosphoric acid generally, many phosphorous ammonium enterprises hope the country can loosen phosphorous ammonium export policy appropriately, even somebody forecasts ammonium of four quarters phosphor to export special custom duty to want to reduce 25% ~ 40% , but the plan that announces this still maintains original level changeless. 2 it is limitation range is wider. In this plan, besides special custom duty is imposed like putting forward clearly to synthesize the chemical fertilizer raw material such as ammonia to also want to export custom duty standard by chemical fertilizer, still be opposite additionally the animal outside dividing birds' droppings or plant fertilizer collect 460 yuan / ton export provisional custom duty. Be equal to those who said an all products related to chemical fertilizer to bring into special custom duty entirely to collect limits.
2 it is nitrogenous fertilizer kind exit suffers be restricted bigger. In exit of this second chemical fertilizer special custom duty adjusts plan in, impose the special custom duty of 150% to nitrogenous fertilizer and synthetic ammonia, tower above is other chemical fertilizer breed 50 percent, main reason is close price of paragraph of time international nitrogenous fertilizer go up bigger. It is with urea exemple, international urea price is top August reach 900 dollars / ton, the near future although somewhat fall after a rise, but be in mostly 750 dollars / ton above. With at present international market this price, although impose the export custom duty of 135% , our country urea still can be exported. And phosphoric acid the breed such as 2 ammonium, because price of international, home is poor relatively lesser, basically export hard, did not increase special export custom duty so. The principle that custom duty of export of our country chemical fertilizer executes now is which can export increase which. Because export chemical fertilizer to go against supply of safeguard home chemical fertilizer,this is, affect agricultural production and national food safety; A large number of exit haul chemical fertilizer tall price of domestic chemical fertilizer, go against protective farmer interest, go against bring a farmer into play to plant grain enthusiasm; Chemical fertilizer is product of high-energy bad news, exit chemical fertilizer is equivalent to exporting the sources of energy; The country gave fertilizer company a lot of favourable policy, exit chemical fertilizer is equivalent to giving foreign customer privilege for nothing. So much element adds up, the country wants to father to chemical fertilizer exit for certain impose control.
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