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Shanghai: City farming appoint finish safety of quality of Olympic Games produce
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Will come on August 7 on August 22, one of competion area outside 4 Beijing that Shanghai regards football of Beijing Olympic Games as the match undertook 12 footballs game. City farming appoint fulfil the State Council, Ministry of Agriculture and municipal government seriously the deploy about monitoring of safety of quality of Olympic Games produce, retain political sense of responsibility of height from beginning to end, finished safety of quality of produce of this city Olympic Games smoothly to guarantee the job. During the Olympic Games, shanghai competion area did not produce the event of bromatoxism one case, also did not produce the sex that feed a cause and medical source eroticism agent incident.
One, ask according to safety of Olympic Games food safeguard is supplied strictly

During the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games nods manufacturing base to be executed strictly surely " calm responsibility person, superintend person, calm investment to taste standard of step of origin, calm production, calm management surely " . Shanghai rainbow bridge is horticultural limited company of agriculture of short for the Jinghe River of water transport of horticultural limited company, golden hill, Shanghai army installs field, justice field of chicken of special type egg, south assemble limited company of melon and fruit, urban supermarket limited company 6 produce nod manufacturing base to fulfil the personnel that be stationed in a dot surely, execute real time trends to superintend. Supermarket of bridge of Min travel justice, rainbow, city supplies vegetable 62 100 batch, vegetable breed, gross amounts to 34496.7 kilograms. Short for the Jinghe River of water transport of melon and fruit, golden hill is collected south limited company offers melon 10 batch, plan 2560 kilograms. Na Huijun installs field of chicken of special type egg to lay an egg 5 batch, plan 2916 kilograms. Olympic Games produce nods manufacturing base to strengthen surely detect, next carriage car are supervised to execute lead sealing, escort in transportation and open the envelop with what be stationed in bit of superintendency personnel in public security, finish satisfactorily for job of Olympic Games food, offer abstruse produce quality 100% qualification.

2, ensure produce of this city real estate produces process quality safety

During the Olympic Games, advance vegetable and field archives to write down those who employ a system to carry out in the round, increase appear on the market vegetable quality detects strength, 7, sampling observation vegetable will detect quickly August sample 205 thousand, percent of pass 99.98% ; Lab ration detects sample 2000, percent of pass 98.1% . During beginning this city Olympic Games, animal sanitation reachs animal product safety to superintend 5 big moves, production of drug of examination farm, animal is produced with management enterprise, feed and manage an enterprise to wait for 1648 second. Essence of producing area lean lean is monitored, the flight is monitored in all 18138 batches, percent of pass 100% . City, area administration of two class fishery executes the law personnel strengthens the spot to supervise an examination, sampling observation 258 sample of 73 aquatic product, index, percent of pass 97.26% . The Ministry of Agriculture is raising aquatic product character to measure safe sampling observation to this city during this 59 sample, percent of pass 100% .
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