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Ministry of Agriculture: "3 autumn " agriculture machinery strives to throw 26 m
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The Ministry of Agriculture issued an announcement a few days ago, the requirement is cogent had done this year " 3 autumn " the mechanization of farming produces the job, strive to throw gross of machines and tools to achieve 26 million to cover above, raise machine of corn, paddy to receive level and wheaten machine to sow a level.
The announcement expresses, current, "3 autumn " production is about to spread out in the round, should catch machine of paddy, corn to close to smash with straw mechanization with firm return cropland, firm catchs machine of wheaten, cole to sow catch agriculture machinery to fight calamity to decrease calamity exercise to attach most importance to a dot with firm, ceaseless promotion autumn harvest and Qiu Dong are planted manufacturing mechanization level, to realize annual grain bumper crop the bumper harvest is mixed manufacturing base offers oil of dozen of grain of good next year solid corporeal equipment is propped up and the technology supports.
Want to strive to throw gross of machines and tools to increase 1 million to cover, achieve 26 million to cover above; Corn machine receives a level to increase 3 percent, breakthrough 10% ; Paddy machine receives a level to increase 5 percent, exceed 50% ; Wheaten machine sows a level to increase 2 percent, exceed 80% ; The mechanization of the crop such as rape, potato sows obtain apparent progress. In the meantime, want making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, advance Lin Guo course of study, stock raising, fishery, produce to machine course of study and establishment mechanization of farming energetically, realize a mechanization of farming to be coordinated in the round hard can develop continuously.
In the meantime, announcement requirement should be finished in the round buy machine allowance policy to carry out the job, accomplish fact of whole tribe of allowance machines and tools to reach the designated position, ensure the farmer enjoys allowance policy material benefit, machines and tools of sufficient play allowance is in " 3 autumn " the positive effect in agricultural production.