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Tianjin city: Tianjin starts produce but 1 million mus of vegetable build date f
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Yesterday, learn from bureau of Tianjin city agriculture: This city is beginning produce in the round but date from system, 1 million mus of vegetable are being built in the round " individual " administrative record. Sow field planting, fertilization to water, prevent disease to treat bug, picked every link that deserves to send whole process wants on record, be in charge of by person specially assigned for a task, but at any time date from. The farmer should be checked to cultivate when business of purchase and sale is bought archives and detect archives, the branch such as the supermarket will be asked for to business of purchase and sale produce and detect result archives, so layer upon layer join, once appear,problem general can be checked after all.
This year during Beijing Olympic Games, this city 10 many began archives government entirely for abstruse base, 38 kinds of vegetable cultivate rigorous management, wait from fertilization, pesticide management all-around control, obtained first-rate result, also gained valuable experience. Management department of this city agriculture will popularize this to run measure in the round, vegetable will produce base henceforth, all want to deploy self check instrument, what every batches of vegetable are about to accept concerned branch in field edge of a field is strict detect, and result on record. Detect through city class even subsequently the orgnaization detects " toll-gate " , wait for advanced equipment through testing instrument of mass spectra of series connection of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph " piercing eye " , detect tall poisonous agriculture chemical with banned medicaments the result is overall on record, rejected product of destroy by melting or burning of on the spot.

Be the crucial season that vegetable of this city autumn grows currently, the area county vegetable grower such as Wu Qing is beginning vegetable government in the round. In this area manufacturing base sees, every cultivate a pensile vegetable production in big canopy to manage record this: From sow, fertilization, spray each manufacturing segment such as pesticide are entire on record. To encourage vegetable grower to do well vegetable produces record record, this area takes out 200 thousand yuan every year to encourage a farmer to develop this activity, make quality of this area vegetable had very big rise. As we have learned, nearly 1 million mus of vegetable establish manufacturing record is from go up at all the pesticide that ensures vegetable grower is used, chemical fertilizer accord with a country to produce a standard, prevent tall poisonous agriculture chemical to enter a when dish cropland uses important step in the round especially. Military clear division still throws 200 thousand yuan every year, build green farming endowment be at ease inn. To 2010, this city 1 million mus of vegetable will establish manufacturing government record entirely. (Chen Zhong counterpoises) (pick from Tianjin daily)

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