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Sichuan province: Lu city is finished ahead of schedule the 3rd times routine of
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Arrange disposition according to saving the unity of agricultural hall, quality of Lu city agriculture detects the center continued to assume cling to two city of medium, Dazhou are large supermarket, terminal market, vegetable the produce quality that produces free market of agricultural products of base, the city zone is safe routine detects the task. Support energetically in what local agriculture administration is in charge of a branch, cooperate to fall, in August 18, 22 days finished 6 kinds of big vegetable the spot of sample of 120 vegetable sample, 20 edible bacterium samples, make the work such as appearance.
Indoors sample detects in, detect the center monitors demand of executive plan provision and movement of guarantee system of quality of qualitative check orgnaization according to routine of safety of quality of produce of 2008 Sichuan province, use NY/T761-2007 " in vegetable and fruit organic phosphor, organic chloric, draft Dalmatian chrysanthemum ester and ester of amino formic acid kind pesticide detects method " , detect happy fruit of phosphor of amine of the armour in sample, oxidation 15 are banned with, blame ban remain with pesticide content; Use NY/T1257-2006 " of material of the fluorescence in edible bacterium detect " formulary method, detect whether does edible bacterium have fluorescent material. Through detecting central collectivity comrade fights bravely 20 days continuously, overcome personnel little, high temperature, power cut the adverse element that wait, what finish routine sampling observation the 3rd times in the round at will shifting to an earlier date 4 days on September 9 is indoor detect, the report sums up an analysis, data newspaper sends wait for working job.