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Jilin province: Hui spring executes the law strictly interest of requirement saf
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Hui spring agriculture executes the law the group is acted on " execute the law strictly, enthusiastic service " tenet, it is difficult that with one one's heart does his utmost to discharge care to solve for the farmer, cogent protection farmer just when rights and interests, establish inform against a phone technically, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of recieving. To complaining, inform against register in detail put on record, drive quickly go to the spot to spread out an inquiry to investigate the work. Solid to checking it is truly farming aptitude measures an issue, supervise and urge the take remedial action on agency horse or give compensation. Undeserved to be being operated because of production or the loss that climate causes, explain to party patiently, eliminate its to stimulate become enamoured mood, maintain rural society stability.
The 50 more than cause that treats this year farming endowment of dispute complain, inform against in the case, city executes the law the group is jumping-off place with guaranteeing farmer benefit, with farming endowment agency talks things over for many times, make the farmer reduces a loss to amount to more than yuan 100. How to mix 3 in processing flower child paddy is withered when dead case, city executes the law the group is adopted in time to the spot take a picture, sampling seals up for keeping to detect in order to have, enquire damage farmer and railroad controller, and for many times with railroad mixes Hui spring Hui spring Bureau of Mines talks things over, reached compensatory matters concerned finally, get 60 thousand yuan of compensation for close Jiang Zheng, flower how, 3 child also reach compensatory intent, make collective appeals for help bud of case disappear Yu Meng, maintained social stability. (the city that extend a limit farming appoint information center)