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Shandong province: East battalion farming endowment become at the beginning of c
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In rural area of mountain of north of county of ferry of Shandong province benefit Cui Jiacun is at ease farming endowment in civilian inn, buying farming endowment villager Zhou Jianguo tells a reporter: "I this village is very devious, buy chemical fertilizer farming endowment very no-go, branch of supply and marketing is direct farming endowment civilian inn builds my village, our masses buys chemical fertilizer pesticide very convenient, also making be at ease. Also making be at ease..
"Be at ease farming endowment " chain deserves to send management service the network is east municipal government of battalion municipal Party committee is affirmatory carried out mainly 2008 project of civilian fact thing. Produce safety to ensure urban and rural masses, stimulative agriculture synergism, farmer is added close, shandong east condition of battalion innovation management industry and management means, conformity farming endowment management resource, according to " small supermarket, dalian is locked up " requirement, apply chain to deserve to send management kind, breed development whole town farming endowment management network system, since work up " city, county deserves to send class of village of supermarket of straight battalion of central villages and towns to join in inn " farming endowment management mode, the first line of a couplet on a scroll manages manufacturer and domestic and international big supplier, market of terminal of country of the second line of a couplet, collect is purchased, store carry, deserve to send, wholesale, retail be an organic whole with service of science and technology farming endowment chain manages a network, created for the farmer " safe, be at ease, substantial " agricultural production data consumes an environment, better land settled country especially of out-of-the-way village " buy be at ease farming endowment difficult " problem. Before paragraph, whole town already check maintained farming of 29 villages and towns endowment central supermarket, 75% what take total plan, primary election determined 263 villages level farming endowment civilian inn, 70% what take total plan. (east battalion daily)