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Xiamen University develops biology pesticide successfully " reduce a line 1 "
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Our country grows line of business annual because of wireworm ill loss 23.3 billion yuan, divide on international Philippine outside still do not have fight wireworm disease special agriculture chemical. For this, research and development gave academy of sciences of Xiamen university life recently biology pesticide " reduce a line 1 " , compare with Philippine congener product, its period of efficacy is long, have clear market dominant position.

The chemistry that imports at present reduces wireworm drug price taller, and have certain noxiousness. This biology pesticide has efficient, wide chart, avirulent, aftereffect to grow wait for a characteristic, it is pure biological product, do not pollute produce and environment, be in after employ effect of edaphic Chinese traditional medicine is longer.

Production technology of agent of this medicine bacterium is already mature, already finished a lab at present small try, try in caddy and industrialized trial production, undertook medical effect experiment and field village set an example, completed security test at the same time.