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Chinas agricultural enterprises are facing the embarrassment and Countermeasu
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Intersection of successive visit the many Chinese participants double crop protection, their attitude Creepy. All the trouble, despite the fatigue, from far apart to attend the meeting, but the venue has been packed every year, ear-splitting noise of thunder, booth exhibits the proliferation of advertising for letting everywhere, inside and outside the stadium's chaotic, brutal melee Hundred Regiments, who calmly opening of hunting, and thousands of miles rolling, innocent of money, most people will regret later, but still empty-handed into the Baoshan. Embarrassment to the and. The reason is mainly lack of preparation before the participants, no positioning, milling blind, aimless chaos, loss, and the curtain would fall down, nothing. Said a dealer in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, Baoshan picking up treasure is for those who are prepared to provide the opportunity to take according to their own conditions, what is not heavy, otherwise empty-handed or self-trapping, where the inability to save themselves, in the double cross at his last Huiyanshizhu with no known Kao Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Weinan promote joint cooperation in the agricultural market as a whole is weak, his business has changed the tide on fire. Therefore, at this time to do your homework carefully review reflection, lessons learned, integrated business philosophy, the Senate developed the true meaning of victory. The key is to find the cause of their location and entry points, double the 23 Session of China to pay at the Plant Protection, Shanxi Yuncheng a chance encounter a new product distributors - to promote Kao, intellectual acuity to perceive the mind stimulated, which can be instead of the traditional control of shoot and flower trees girdling the huge business opportunities of products, immediately closed cooperation, then only the individual to obtain more than 20 million in profits, and promote the sales of other drugs. His emotion, said the capture of a good product, you can save a business. Business in the fierce battle and the vast sea, only those who dare to explore, persistent pursuit of always thinking of new times, a firm belief in hard work to those who quest after struggling to get harvest. Here, I recommend such an example of Weinan in Shaanxi Province and promote high-tech area of scientific research Kao Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, since its inception, the company adhere to the service agriculture, plant protection for the idea of harmony, the development in times of hardship, struggle in the cracks, To create a direct sales model in China has made outstanding agricultural exploration, they use e-commerce platform to the newly developed series of high-tech products and promote Kao, Ling Zhuang City series, the new lipid membrane, controller and other fruit trees to promote scientific research in many agriculture-related sites widely publicized, the effect is quite obvious, the company's products are favored by the majority of users of farmers, workers in the regional offices also received generous returns. The middle part of the original (including dealers, distributors and agent) are dependent on their quality, capacity and commercial resources back (hanging) by selling the company to become the company's specialized service agencies - overseas offices. Company will cut the treatment of a salesman and unforeseeable economic loss, direct payment to the overseas office staff as a huge salary. I propose the agricultural dealers selected projects must be the situation and not blindly follow the trend, not emotional, not to follow the fashion, find a profitable product is the last word!