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Chinas fertilizer market Gongxiaozongshe agricultural Board held an emergency si
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October 27 afternoon, around the fertilizer for the understanding of recent changes in market supply and demand and prices, master reserves the progress of business and agricultural tariff policy on the opinions and suggestions, agricultural bureau headquarters held in Beijing, "Fertilizer City Market situation of emergency consultations and tariff policies, "middle peasant group, the middle peasants holding companies and 13 provincial agricultural company who is mainly responsible for lively discussion, in-depth analysis of the current situation of fertilizer price changes and its causes, to explore governance Policy way out. Recently by the energy saving and exports, rising costs and other factors combined effects of rapid increases in domestic fertilizer prices in the short term will remain high on the corporate reserves management and adversely affect supply next spring Ring. Actively collect agricultural bureau, to enhance communication and research, and require supply and marketing agricultural enterprise risk prevention, exercise caution.