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2010 Hefei China Information Exchange & Products Trade Fair agricultural Openi
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The morning of November 3, from Anhui Agricultural Association, Seed Association of Anhui Province, Anhui Province, sponsored by the Plant Protection Institute of China, Hefei, 2010 Information Exchange & Products Trade Fair of agricultural materials (double intersection) in the Anhui International Exhibition Center opened . Former Vice Chairman of CPPCC Anhui War Qiuping, Anhui Province, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Qi, director of Anhui Xingnong Wei Zhang Jian, the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee vice president of Anhui Agricultural University, Tao Xia and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Liu Qi said agricultural Double Fair opening, the former Director of Agriculture Department of Anhui Province, Anhui Agricultural Society Mr W Cheng, president of Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Provincial Seed Association Jian-Bo Yang presided over the opening ceremony. The Fair large scale, high quality, forward-looking and authoritative. From famous large enterprises and more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, seeds, pesticides, fertilizer production enterprises, business units, pushing the ATM Extensive species-related departments and industries, educational institutions, research institutions more than 2,000, more than 1 million the number of participants, the General Assembly is expected to turnover billion. 30 General Assembly special exhibition, up to 300 standard exhibition, bringing together thousands of famous products Brand boutique display, trade, hundreds gathered to listed companies as the leading national seeds, pesticides and other agricultural advantages of participating enterprises and research institutes, star-studded, colorful, unprecedented, both trading, there are Senior forum and information exchange. 2010, Hefei, China Information Exchange & Products Trade Fair agricultural convening in promoting the further development of China's agricultural industry started Anhui brand, accelerate the exchange of talents between the seed pesticide fertilizer to promote agriculture Structural adjustment and rural incomes have re-