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Strengthen agricultural comprehensive law enforcement crackdown in Hunan
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In recent years, Hunan Agriculture Department to fully implement the statutory responsibilities of the agricultural sector as the core, to promote the agricultural law enforcement as the starting point to strengthen the quality and safety of agricultural products and agricultural industry security focus, give prominence to the work of agricultural crackdown, law enforcement focus on innovative agriculture institutional mechanisms. Particularly since the 2008 establishment of specialized agricultural law enforcement agencies at the provincial level - Administrative Law Enforcement Team agriculture in Hunan Province has been further enhanced law enforcement capabilities, further enhance the efficiency of law enforcement. Supervision and inspection, to consolidate the dominant position of agricultural law There are plans to organize supervision and random inspection. Beginning of each year supervision and inspection of agricultural inputs to develop the program, law enforcement corps in the provinces of the province of agricultural seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural quality supervision and inspection for 6 times, and through the province's major media sample results to the society. Meanwhile, agricultural products, organizations related to city and county failed agricultural administrative departments to investigate this, since 2009, a total of 2668 batches of agricultural sampling, investigation and supervision and inspection found 360 violations, the economic losses for farmers and more than 8,000 yuan. To strengthen the routine inspection focused. Spring and autumn each year, the organization of the agricultural market to carry out comprehensive supervision and inspection by the spring action of rice species, fertilizer, medicine, focusing on the fall check to rape seed, fertilizer, pesticides, as the focus. Examination revealed a minor offense on the line, the parties rectification, rectification within 10 working days required in place; offenses that meet the conditions placed on file, in accordance with the principle of territorial management to be investigated by the local agricultural sector; on the discovery of major violations, transferred by the local agricultural sector have jurisdiction over the agricultural department of the parent. And carry out surprise investigations. Services to the masses through the 12316 hotline, letter, telephone and other forms of reported cases, the provincial agricultural administrative enforcement Corps sought to respond within 2 hours, the organization reported the situation on the spot to carry out investigations. Spot checks and unannounced visits usually see the truth behind the combination approach. Last year, through thorough investigation in You County investigated several cases of large business methamidophos; year, through the thorough investigation of the seed market and found that the seed market to push the phenomenon of conspicuous without trial, the timely submission of the recommendations of the seed market regulation. Specification punishment, to promote improved agricultural market order Give full play to the disciplinary function of the administrative penalty. Up to now, the provincial agricultural administrative law enforcement corps from agricultural materials have been 8 cases for investigation, a total of 396,752 yuan penalty. Persuade the parties focus on probation. Investigation of the cases in the agricultural process of law, the different parties of the case, select the appropriate method of handling cases, to achieve and maintain market order to maintain social harmony and stability in the win. Early April of this year, the provincial agricultural administrative law enforcement in connection with the Corps dealt with a case of fake seeds business, crime detection at the beginning, the party took a tough stance is very strong resistance. Through persuasion and education, the parties take the initiative to explain the violations and actively cooperate with law enforcement on suspected counterfeit and inferior Corps of maize seeds. After law enforcement officers took the initiative with the parties on the issue according to the seed production and management of communication, publicity and education do a better job. Emphasis on strict discipline of law enforcement investigators. In addition to strict compliance with requirements of the Ministry, the provincial discipline of the law, the provincial agriculture Corps also require all law enforcement investigators must do the three "no": the parties do not drink a drop of wine; do not smoke a cigarette parties; do not drink a bottle of the parties mineral water. Coordination of law enforcement, improve efficiency By strengthening public security, and other functional departments in department of horizontal integration to the side to do. Currently, with the provincial Public Security Department was established in the agricultural aspects of the case match-fixing mechanism and the transfer mechanism of an investigation. Last year, with the provincial Public Security Bureau jointly investigated in Youxian 6 business banned pesticides from the case. Close coordination with the business sector and cooperation in market surveillance checks on the operation of substandard agricultural products found in the case of transfer of industrial and commercial department, on rectifying and standardizing the agricultural market has played a very good effect. Four provinces gradually improved agricultural county law enforcement linkage mechanism, so that vertical integration in the end the province. For general violations, according to the principle of territorial management, the local law enforcement agencies investigate and deal with agriculture. For the case of the larger cities and counties for resistance to the supervision of the provincial law enforcement corps. For the case of city and county level, and the need to avoid the case of great value, social impact of the cases, often in filing for ministries and agencies, cities and counties to help carry it out of the way, to ensure that violations are punished. Full use of agricultural joint platform for law enforcement commander, so that inter-provincial joint coordination in place. Commander has established joint mechanisms, communications, an investigation of cases, law enforcement cooperation and other aspects of the system. In recent years, has Gansu, Chongqing, Hubei, Hainan, Jiangsu and other provinces in close collaboration with law enforcement departments of agriculture and efficiently dealt with a number of large cases, and achieved remarkable results. In-depth information, create a good atmosphere for law enforcement Strengthen the media coverage of major events. The annual joint agricultural counterfeiting operation provincial cities and counties, are invited to the news media throughout reports. March each year, in the "Hunan Daily," opened up special editions on the results of supervision and inspection of agricultural materials to the community bulletin, agricultural advice to farmers on quality standards used to promote corporate integrity and famous agricultural products. Strengthen the communication between law enforcement and regulatory information. More than 20 million yuan investment, the establishment of Hunan Agricultural Law Enforcement Information Network. Collected annually over a large number of detection information, law enforcement dynamics, including the online real-time, relying on the information platform, forming a provincial city and county levels of law enforcement law enforcement agencies, a good mechanism of linkage. Meanwhile, the provincial agricultural administrative law-enforcement corps to law enforcement across the province in the agricultural areas of new ideas, new methods, new initiatives and dynamic collection of work summary, engendering briefing for the Ministry, the provincial party leaders and see the Agriculture Department, sent provincial relevant units, the total number of member units and the captain to contact the agricultural sector in cities and counties, for the exchange of information. Strengthen legal education in law enforcement activities. Give full play to 12,316 cases of agricultural counterfeiting hotline to report and function of the smooth 24-hour hotline. The process of strengthening the case for the legal education of the parties to guide the production and business activities in accordance with law; strengthen the knowledge of farmers and legal rights Bianjia false propaganda and education areas.