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1450 escort human agricultural countryside
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"There are several test methods? Detect the content?" Yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture Industry Policy and Regulation Secretary Zhang Hongyu Chen and his party in Kunming, the agricultural products of agricultural enterprise group asked in detail about and understanding of the indoor testing companies to ensure the safety of agricultural products work and stressed the healthy and orderly law enforcement to promote agricultural help maintain the normal operation of agriculture, help ensure quality and safety of agricultural products. Vice Mayor Returned accompanied by research. Currently, there are agricultural Kunming 1450 law enforcement officers holder, 3 agricultural administrative law enforcement unit. To strengthen the supervision of agricultural markets, protect the safety of agricultural inputs, agricultural sector strict market access system for agricultural production and operation have been issued license, product registration card, certificate validation to track species verification, and strengthen administrative permit follow-up supervision. In the important farming season, carried out joint initiatives, and severely crack down and eliminate rural itinerant traders, selling counterfeit and shoddy agricultural processing a small workshop and black points, increase inventory tetramine and other highly toxic rodenticides and collection efforts and resolutely crack down on illegal substances and the abuse of adding non-edible food additive behavior. Sound production through the establishment and operation of archives of the agricultural product quality tracking and traceability management. Support and encourage strong, reputable famous agricultural production enterprises, specialized agricultural cooperative organizations to establish a direct chain outlets, building a new chain of modern agricultural business network and improve the confidence of quality coverage of agricultural products to ensure the normal order of agricultural market . Zhang Hongyu evaluation of agricultural law enforcement work in Kunming starting with grades, has the effect. He said that from the agricultural industry and consumers need to start promoting administration according to requirements, integrated law enforcement, protect the countryside for the agricultural assured, this is not only the duty of the agricultural sector, but also the overall work. Returned that Kunming will improve the efficiency of agricultural law enforcement start to seriously analyze the situation, sum up experience, good grasp of system innovation, strengthen law enforcement input.