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Agricultural reverse thinking people should be good at learning
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Right now, many agricultural enterprises to enhance product advertising efforts, have spent lots of money to look for stars, near the biggest names in order to create a good image, strengthen brands, to increase sales, increase market share. For this practice I do not hold any negative attitude, according to their economic power to carry out some ads, some product promotion, it will certainly play a very good effect, and sometimes even play a multiplier effect. However, I also adhere to a principle that is how much money, how much spectrum to play, when many high-ranking official, possession of more events, be aware of. Not blindly follow, the comparisons, even over their own economic power, spending billions of dollars, leading to the consequences of snake swallowing an elephant. As in previous years, is spending billions of dollars to 3.1 billion made in consideration of the king of Qin pool CCTV wineries marked the end not because the follow-up production of fatigue, too much financial pressure and defeated it? Qin Chi brand is not the end consumers lose out because of adulteration is it? However, some say, Qin pool, although not a good result, no good reputation, and ultimately is not known yet? But this well-known to what use? Qin pool is still in the production of wine now though, but who say they are now days is because the original became famous and good? Liquor is also force in the larvae do not survive it? Agricultural operations from the beginning I started, "in" of fat has been the main push the brand in my hands, and optimistic about the sales year after year, farmers reflects the effect of after use is also very good, his heart felt at ease. In all fairness, the fertilizer industry in recent years in the author area of the TV ads do much, I did not hear what Celebrities looking for. However, I have found it from this point is a selling point, as a publicity gimmick: people's quality of the fertilizer that is reliable, even the ads do not do. This is consistent with the "good wine needs no bush," the old saying, but played a very good publicity, no ads has become a farmer's trust. Now put the fertilizer and other ads on television on a good fat together, the content, the same logo, same as the retail prices of these two fat together, as a general truth, a lot of people, in many Local advertising will be a good choice of fertilizer. The author has proved that no advertising can sell a good fertilizer. Why? Farmers do not think advertising will be solid, without exaggeration, value for money, and advertising where advertising costs, the advertising costs will meet in the fertilizers which, only such a retail price. Farmers may think that the price of the two do not look the same, in fact, the value of both is different. The reason I write this case, had said earlier is to combat this is not advertising, against advertising, but not to deny the role of advertising. This can only be considered a case. But we should be good at learning from adverse agricultural people thinking, in the face of a lot of no great marketing advertising promotional products or not in place in the area of products, can take such opposite strategies. Surrounded by the many ads, not ads but will become a new selling point. But in any case, distribution of any product, quality is excellent housekeeping skills.