Green food produces fertilizer to use regulation
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In green food production, fertilizer is used must satisfy the crop need to nutrient element, make the organic material of adequate measure returns soil, with maintain or increasing edaphic fertility and edaphic biology active. All and organic or inorganic (mine is qualitative) fertilizer, the fertilizer that contains a lot ofnitrogen especially answers environment and crop (nutrition, flavour, character and plant fight a gender) do not produce undesirable consequence to just can be used.
The fertilizer that produces food of Aa class green follows following principles:
1, any chemistry synthesize taboo fertilizer.
2, the rubbish of excrement and urine of taboo city rubbish and mud, hospital and contain harmful material (like mephitis, cause of disease microbial, heavy metal) rubbish.
3, generator adjust measures to local conditions uses straw to return cropland, cross an abdomen to return cropland, direct break up pressure return cropland to enclothe return the form such as cropland.
4, use enclothe, break up pressure, the way such as caboodle soak is logical use green manure. Green manure is filling florescence to break up pressure, break up bury deepness to be 15cm left and right sides, lid earth should father, divide evenly is made smooth with a rake after breaking up. Capable person of day of the 15-20 after green manuring can undertake sowing or transplant seedlings.
5, the firedamp fluid of become thoroughly decomposed, residual make water of dung of the cultivate that reach a person can use as top application, forbidden employ not the night soil of become thoroughly decomposed.
6, cake is preferential use at fruit, vegetable to wait, prohibit employ the cake without become thoroughly decomposed.
7, quality of fertilizer of face of blade should accord with Gb/t17419, or Gb/t17420, or the technical requirement of the B3 in appendix B, press demonstrative dilute, inside crop growth period gush applies 2-3 second.
8, microbial fertilizer can be used at seed dressing, also can use as base manure and top application are used. The requirement that strict eucalyptus answers to illuminate operation instruction handbook when using is operated. The amount of effective viable bacteria in microbial fertilizer should accord with Ny227 in 4.1 reach 4.2 technologies target.
9, choose inorganic (mine is qualitative) the to calcine phosphate in fertilizer, potassium sulfate, quality part of one's job does not accord with the technology of the B1 in B of appendix of agricultural standard Ny/t394-2000 and B2 to ask.
The fertilizer that produces food of A class green follows following principles:
1, taboo nitrate nitrogen is fat.
2, chemical fertilizer must cooperate employ with organic fertilizer, inorganic nitrogen issues organic nitrogen than exceeding 1: 1, for example, apply 1000kg of high grade barnyard manure to add urea 10kg(barnyard manure to make base manure, urea can make base manure and top application use) . To Xie Cai kind the last top application must undertake in before results 30 days.
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