Constant green SCU delay commentate fertilizer amounts to international applicab
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Chinese head full automatic SCU delay commentate fat product line -- , product line of urea of Bao Yi of Han Feng sulfur, the Canadian Han Feng that from this year v/arc be on the throne will visit ginger lasher town at Jiangsu on March 31 constant green limited company is formal since put into production, be paid close attention to generally all the time by industry. Yu Xinduo of presiding apparitor of Canadian Han Feng company announces formally on the press conference that holds last week: Current, han Feng constant green SCU delay commentate fat performance is steady, achieve international completely already applicable standard.

According to introducing, SCU delay commentate fertilizer detects repeatedly via domestic and international expert and debug and after detecting through major of Belgian Ghent university, throw Yuan Longping academician project of super cross paddy undertakes section nitrogen increase production experiments. The result makes clear, han Feng constant green SCU delay commentate fat utilization rate can be amounted to 70% , raise one times above than common urea. In the meantime, because of its favorable environment friendly sex, to alleviating from fountainhead pollution of domestic water area has important sense.

To open home market quickly, han Feng Chang Lutong is built too from already sale network, in combination of and other places of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Heibei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangdong local farming turns promotion department, with expert of domestic and international fertilizer together, thorough and field edge of a field, undertake propagandist popular, develop the promotion activity of a variety of forms. This year first half of the year, the SCU delay that its produce commentate fat not only all work off, and demand exceeds supply, export and other places of Japan, Korea, southeast Asia at the same time.