Occupation standard of nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer
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Standard category: NY- occupation standard (agriculture)

Keyword: Nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer

Standard number: NY411, 2000

Standard name: * of nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer

Standard classification: Standard of agricultural soil chemical fertilizer

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1 limits

Law of proved recipe of requirement of the classification that this standard provided product of nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer, technology, check, test gauge criterion, pack, label, carry, keep in storage.

This standard applies to the nitrogen-fixing bacteria that contains increase, can be in soil and the nitrogen in air is being secured in a variety of crop root border, offer nutrition of crop nitrogen element, the live system that can secrete hormone to stimulate crop to grow again is tasted. This standard also applies to what give priority to with nitrogen-fixing bacteria to contain can promote solid nitrogen, growth plant to close to rooted border bacterium (PGPR) fertilizer of compound nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

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The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When this standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.

GB/T625, 1989 chemical reagents are vitriolic

GB/T629, oxyhydrogen of 1997 chemical reagents changes sodium

GB/T1250, the expression of 1989 maximums numerical value method and decide method

GB/T6543, 1986 corrugated box

GB/T6682, 1992 analysises lab uses water standards and experiment method

3 definitions

This standard uses following definition.

31 autogenous nitrogen-fixing bacteria

In the in can fixed air nitrogen in soil, offer nutrition of crop nitrogen element, what can secrete hormone to stimulate crop to grow again is microbial.

32 border combine nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Depend on root border environment to grow already, secure the nitrogen in air in root border again, what to the growth of crop development produces positive effect is microbial.

Efficiency of 33 solid nitrogen

Every use up nitrogen-fixing bacteria 1g carbohydrate (candy) the milligram number that absorbs azotic element from inside air, solid nitrogen efficiency uses Mg nitrogen / G candy expresses.

4 products are classified

41 by the form of a drug different cent is fertilizer of fertilizer of liquid nitrogen-fixing bacteria, solid nitrogen-fixing bacteria and fertilizer of freeze-dry nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

42 plant by bacterium reach characteristic cent to be border of fertilizer of autogenous nitrogen-fixing bacteria, root to combine fertilizer of nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer, compound nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
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