Level of state of nitric acid phosphate fertilizer
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Level of state of nitric acid phosphate fertilizer
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GB/T 10510, 1998


This standard is pair of GB/T 10510, 89 " nitric acid phosphate fertilizer " edit.
This edition and before the main difference of edition is: The actual state according to resource of our country phosphorite and the manufacturing requirement that have nitric acid phosphate fertilizer are mixed to first-rate product of nitric acid phosphate fertilizer the effective phosphor content that qualification tastes, granuality and grain fought the index such as crunch force on average to undertake adjustment.
In this standard classy article reach level of foreign congener product.
This standard replaces GB/T 10510 since executive day, 89.
This standard is put forward by ministry of industry of chemistry of People's Republic of China.
This standard puts in a mouth 's charge by committee of countrywide fertilizer and technology of edaphic conditioner standardization.
This standard drafts an unit: Academy of chemical industry of Shanghai of chemical industry ministry, Shanxi converts fat plant; Join the unit that draft: Unseal fertilizer plant.
This standard basically drafts a person: Lock of work of Yang Yi, Zhang Jiahong, Yang Xiaoxia, week, Qiao Chunli.
This standard was released first 1989.

1 limits
This standard set the requirement of nitric acid phosphate fertilizer, experiment method, examine regular, label, pack, carry and keep in storage.
The NP that this standard applies to the treatment after basically decomposing phosphorite with nitric acid to make is than making an appointment with 2: The NP answer Hefei of 1 expects.
2 cite standard
The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When this standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.
GB/T 1250, the expression of 89 maximums numerical value method and decide method.
GB/T 6678, general rule of sampling of product of 86 solid chemical industry
GB/T 6682, 92 analysises lab uses water standards and experiment method (Eqv ISO 3696: 1987)
GB 8569, 97 solid fertilizer packs (Neq ISO 2206: 1972)
GB/T 8571, sample preparation of lab of 88 compound fertilizer
GB/T 10511, in phosphate fertilizer of 89 nitric acid of total nitrogen content determine, the mensuration after distillation (NeqISO 5315: 1984)
GB/T 10512, of content of the phosphor in phosphate fertilizer of 89 nitric acid determine law of weight of quinoline of phosphorous molybdic acid (NeqISO6598: 1985)
GB/T 10513, of content of water of the dissociate in phosphate fertilizer of 89 nitric acid determine cost of • blocking Er rests law (Eqv ISO760: 1978
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