Chemical fertilizer: Partial industry is complex fat price case
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Jiangsu luck and composite fat price glide, now 45% chloric base compound fertilizer leaves factory quote is in 3100 yuan / ton, 45% sulfur base compound fertilizer leaves factory be in 3300 yuan / ton, one ammonium quote is in 2700 yuan / ton, clinch a deal actually the price is lower, do not have basically at present clinch a deal. New chemical answer Hefei is newest quote, 13-15-7CL1520 yuan / ton, 15-6-9CL2110 yuan / ton, 20-10-10CL2850 yuan / ton, 15-15-15CL3350 yuan / ton, tall tower 26-6-8CL2860 yuan / ton, tall tower 24-6-10CL2850 yuan / ton, tall tower 20-5-15CL3400 yuan / ton, tall tower 20-5-20S4020 yuan / ton, start working is led 80% , stock is not much, accept the order normally.