Pesticide industry still is in boom cycle
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Current, our country is the world's biggest pesticide production country and exit country. Pesticide exports the path that enters high speed growth since 90 time metaphase, the demand of pesticide product international market such as careless pleasant phosphine is driving, careless pleasant phosphine is the active strength that at present the industry grows and utters. Global produce demand brings rare development opportunity for pesticide industry strong, industry profit is being made by former medicine sell move to new drug research and development and preparation treatment, channel, industry resource and market share will more and more center to advantage company.

In recent years, commissariat sows area, fruiter to cultivate an area to wait to all grow steadily with the speed of 1% , answer agrarian index rises 0.75, plus because resistance to the action of a drug of plant diseases and insect pests develops pesticide to use amount nature grow in quantity,wait for an element, guard estimation, in the near future domestic pesticide demand will stabilize growth with the speed of 5%~7% , this provided enough source power to pesticide industry development undoubtedly.

Our country pesticide exported forty-seven thousand seven hundred tons 1994, after realizing exit to be more than an entrance first, maintained powerful growth momentum 14 years continuously.

This year 1~7 month, implementation pesticide exports 334 thousand tons, grow 15.1% compared to the same period. Current, exit stability is in 160 many countries and area, exit gross already occupied the 35%~40% of crop of our country pesticide, the high speed growth that pesticide exports already made the engine that drives industry development. Proleptic pesticide industry is in 08~09 year the growth that will maintain 8%~10% .

Current, international oil price already fall after a rise arrives 80 dollars / bucket lower part, drove downstream foundation organise to be versed in the price of raw material is reduced thereby. The dissolvent such as toluene, benzene regards pesticide industry as dosage the biggest, use up highest fundamental raw material, quite large proportion is had in cost, it is especially in the pesticide enterprise that gives priority to with preparation, cost scale is as high as 40% . Oil price fall after a rise to alleviating pesticide produces cost pressure, increasing industry profit space is one benefit undoubtedly good.

In view of demand of pesticide industry future exuberant, gain but period, maintain " add hold " investment grade. Nuo general letter is our country's biggest pesticide water radical transforms research and development of environmental protection preparation and industrialization base, the sale share that at present water radical converts environmental protection preparation already was amounted to 53.22% , outclass whole nation the level of 14.77% . After future breeds oily preparation exits the market 380 thousand tons 5 years, letter of predicting Nuo general will be obtained be more than the breach fill vacancies in the proper order of 10% , advocate business Wu income will maintain the growth of 40% every year, give " recommend " grade.
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