Our country is released " pesticide registers administrative term " agricultural
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Our country makes first " pesticide registers administrative term " standard of agricultural industry series already the Ministry of Agriculture examines approval, carry out formally on October 1 this year. " pesticide registers administrative term " distribute 8 shares in all, include the 1st share: NY/T1667.1-2008 of basic technical terms; The 2nd part: Product chemistry NY/T1667.2-2008; The 3rd part: NY/T1667.3-2008 of pesticide drug effect; The 4th part: NY/T1667.4-2008 of pesticide poison manage; The 5th part: The environment affects NY/T1667.5-2008; The 6th part: Pesticide remain NY/T1667.6-2008; The 7th part: Pesticide supervises NY/T1667.7-2008; The 8th part: Pesticide applies NY/T1667.8-2008. This standard in all formulate 738 term, its appendix shares 1457 (among them, appendix A: The medium, English of applicable crop and place or Latin contrast the name adds up to 431; Appendix B: The medium, English of object of prevention and cure and action or Latin contrast the name adds up to 1026) .
This standard lacks systematic pesticide to register administrative term level in the light of our country, in job of the management that register term is stated non-standard, easy arouse controversy or understand deviation, incommensurate scientific management and standard communication need to wait for a problem, the relevant pesticide term that draws lessons from international organization, developed country is normative, basis our country " pesticide regulation " , " pesticide regulation implements measure " and " the pesticide data that register sets " etc concerned law, code, regulations and technology are normative and of formulate. This standard is the systematization standard circumstance that still does not have photograph correspondence in the world falls, industry of pesticide of mature our country is real, can basic contented and normative pesticide registers administrative job need. Among them partial term is started oneself. This standard is domain of our country pesticide first the term standard of formulate, the scientific sex with be had certain, advanced sex and practical, reach domestic advanced level.
" pesticide registers administrative term " of the standard carry out will rise to unite the main effect with the standard in pesticide domain, be helpful for raising pesticide to register level of management, promote communication of domestic and international learning, the health of industry of pesticide of farther stimulative our country develops.