Pesticide of 2008 whole nations communicates meeting meeting summary
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1, the concentration of pesticide industry is spent will rise continuously, the policy of this respect directs and support will be stronger and stronger, there is an enterprise to will be faced with the market to have inside the industry lead the good good luck that improves further.
2, the demand that because population grows to upgrade with consumption,drives pair of commissariat and economic crop, the global market demand of pesticide will keep firm in have litre.
3, the overseas market such as the United States, Brazil is worth while energy of domestic business investment, and completely capable to develop main market. Current China pesticide exports the share that holds global pesticide market to had grown 8% , market of promotion competition administrative levels, development high end (the United States) with growth the sharpest market (Brazil) it is important development way.
4, the development course that Chinese pesticide enterprise can draw lessons from enterprise of pesticide of patent of foreign large blame, the product registration book of purchase target market, enter corresponding target market, the agriculture chemical that makes China finally crosses state-owend enterprise trade, those who hold value chain is medium high-end domain.
5, the advantage pesticide enterprise to China, those who enter chain of international pesticide value is medium the effort that high-end domain still needs time a few years, before this, the industry is spent centrally raise portion of brought competitive order up-and-up, home market to expand and the steady growth of global pesticide demand is the main drive element that the company grows.