Demand of next year pesticide predicts to add 5%
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The reporter understood from the Ministry of Agriculture a few days ago, according to the whole nation 30 are saved (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) statistic of station of check of plant protection establish forecasts an analysis, gross of countrywide pesticide demand predicted to be three hundred and thirteen thousand six hundred tons 2009, grow 5% than 2008. From our country pesticide industrial yield can look with crop, pesticide market is overall 2009 supply enough.

Shao Zhenrun of section chief of department of instrument of medicine of service center of countrywide agrotechnical promotion is on communication of information of plant protection of the 24th China and pesticide instrument Fair the introduction, insecticide demand gross predicted to be one hundred and fifty-two thousand seven hundred tons 2009, than going up year increase 8.55% . Among them organic phosphor kind ninety-five thousand nine hundred tons, than going up year increase 8.21% ; Ester of amino formic acid kind ten thousand two hundred tons, grow 30% compared to the same period; Draft Dalmatian chrysanthemum ester kind 4471.94 tons, grow 19.4% compared to the same period; Other kind of insecticide thirty-one thousand six hundred tons, grow 5.22% compared to the same period.

Antiseptic demand increases steadily compared to the same period. Gross of demand of our country antiseptic predicted to be seventy-nine thousand nine hundred tons 2009, grow 5.14% than 2008. Herbicide demand keeps balance basically compared to the same period. Since 1999, herbicide forecasts demand all the way violent wind rises, but quantity of total demand predicted to be seventy-seven thousand one hundred tons 2009, with keep balance basically 2008, did not continue to rise. The plant grows conditioning agent increases somewhat. The plant grew 2009 conditioning agent demand predicts to be 3210.54 tons, than going up year of growth 3.37% , but delay of growth range hasten. Rat poison demand drops compared to the same period, 2009 rat poison demand 689.36 tons, than going up year decrease 26.28% .

In addition, demand of the appliance that use drug rises substantially, be on the move to get used to rural land, dimensions is managed and specialization all prevents regnant development, a few large and medium-sized atomizer will have good market demand, the hand uses spray demand and photograph comparing grew 31.60% 2008.