Pesticide instrument demand was forecasted 2009 analysis and look into
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Crop plant diseases and insect pests produced a situation 2008
At the beginning of 2008, after our country south produced the calamity of hundred years microtherm ice and snow that does not encounter, the short of Wenshui River that will happen to astonish China and foreign countries again on May 12 plain earth shake, to agriculture production caused serious effect. Plant diseases and insect pests of our country main crop happens to also be weighed quite, to commissariat production causes serious menace. Face serious disaster, agricultural plant protection system is vast worker has been hit according to the Ministry of Agriculture " 3 big battle " deploy and concerned conference spirit, strengthened monitor and prevent accuse, firm caught safety to use drug, specialization all is prevented regnant, controlled a harm effectively, reduced a loss, for commissariat successive 5 years increase production produced a hinge escort the Emperor the major action of convoy.
General situation of current pesticide market
1.2008 years pesticide total output and volume of imports and exports rise continuously. End in June 2008 portion, former medicine of our country chemical pesticide (fold 100%) total output to already amounted to 1.011 million T, grow 20.8% compared to the same period; Assured the demand that the demand that harmful biochemistry prevents and cure and pesticide export domestic agriculture adequately. According to the statistic of customs total office, pesticide exports 288 thousand T, grow 16.4% compared to the same period; Pesticide imports twenty-seven thousand eight hundred T, grow 11.8% compared to the same period. Our country becomes pesticide to produce big country.
2. Pesticide factory price rises generally, but of retail prices go up under come on the stage of the price go up. Pesticide variety price all had different rate 2008 rise. Growth range has bromine of phosphor of amine of armour of phosphor of sulfur of DDVP, laborious, acetyl, third greatly relatively phosphor, fourth sulfur is overcome 100 power, tick of 3 Zun phosphor, kill with poison. Price of early days of careless pleasant phosphine all the way swift and violent violent wind rises, later period price gradually fall after a rise. Groovy antiseptic rises generally.
3. Raise the threshold that enters pesticide business, strengthened management. Since March 1, 2008, raise the threshold that enters pesticide industry, raised lowermost requirement to the pesticide enterprise of new open, do not accept cent to install oil of enterprise, breast and small emulsion preparation to machine enterprise approve again. Perfected pesticide management further at the same time, raise the condition that pesticide registers and requirement, the Ministry of Agriculture published 6 pesticide to manage new code, these measure caused the wide attention of the enterprise, be sure to produce positive effect to pesticide industry.
4. Continue to strengthen pair of pesticide markets consolidate strength. Ministry of Agriculture and each province continued to increase the market to rectify the job, each segment that produce fountainhead and terminal sale from pesticide strengthened an examination, cancel pesticide commodity name to wait a moment, these measure had more positive effect to purifying pesticide market.
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