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Recently, economy of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and official of social progress ministry, senior economist just is become headquarters of grain farming organization rises in price with respect to global commissariat waited for a problem to accept this network reporter special report.
   Commissariat price rises alternately
Reporter: What reason causes this global limits rice rises in price?
Just become: Global grain price rises, those who involve is rice not only, and experience etc cereal, what rise at first is wheaten, it is corn next, now is rice, the price trend of main provision and produce is in mostly rise condition, especially a few months rise recently faster.
The reason that grain price rises is multiple. From short-term producer the face looks, climate drought caused a developed country, especially Australian wheat reduction in production, european country also reduction of output. More important is the reason of demand side. Below the circumstance that rises in price in oil, grow in quantity of biology energy demand. A few commissariat export big country, be like the United States, use a lot of corn at producing biology the sources of energy. In addition, with the country such as China, India rapid development also matters, the flesh of average per capita of these countries kind consume grow in quantity. Soja imported China last year grow in quantity, cause rise in price, a few countries grow an area with respect to change soja, of other crop cultivate area nature to decrease accordingly. Wheat rose in price last year, a lot of national farmer replant are wheaten, affect other crop to cultivate. From consumption the respect says, if wheat rises in price, people can use up a few rice, rice demand grow in quantity, the price can appear ascendant trend. Commissariat price is rising alternately each other in the chain of this mutual correlation.
Reporter: Whether does the agriculture of a few countries develop policy to be put in the problem?
Just become: Rice rises basically is the reason of climate respect, with agriculture development policy is concerned, but not be very important, basically demand is driven.
China makes sure commissariat price is stable, to world commissariat price stability had very big effect. Come round to look from eye, chinese home commissariat rises in price trend and world are not synchronous, it is slower, this are very important. If rise in price like China and other country very fast, so international market price is more different. Agriculture of these a few years develops China policy, if abolish agricultural tax, increase a farmer to throw allowance, had very big effect to accelerating production.
After other country rises in price, also adopt corresponding policy, increase the devoted allowance to the farmer as far as possible, still have other policy, if a few countries cancelled to import custom duty, import more as far as possible. The policy of country of a lot of exit also is in produce change, for instance rice basically exports a nation Vietnam, reduce export according to national policy, will ensure the stability of domestic price, vietnam is the 2nd big rice of world exports a nation. Thailand is country of exit of the biggest rice, india basically rice also was not exported. Include Kampuchea also adopting measure to limit rice export.
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