The 2nd times routine monitored safety of quality of Jilin province produce 2008
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To be fulfilled in the round " law of produce quality safety " , begin produce quality safety to work deep, strengthen superintend, safeguard is fresh produce safety is consumed, 2008 routine of safety of quality of first time produce monitors working foundation to go up, according to the unified deploy in the province, 2008 " 51 " the holiday is right a few days ago visit 9 town completely (city) remain of the pesticide in vegetable of governmental seat city undertakes routine the 2nd times monitor the work, to make sure this job is carried out smoothly, make this plan especially.
One, the city that monitor
Visit 9 town completely (city) governmental seat city.
2, sampling place
2 a terminal market, free market of agricultural productses and 2 supermarkets.
3, the requirement that monitor
Visit 9 town completely (city) governmental seat city offers terminal market, free market of agricultural products and supermarket list by branch of director of agriculture of the city that be monitored. Terminal market amount decides according to local situation. Sampling place should be had representative, can reflect local production, sale and level of management. Every is not gotten to reject sampling observation by definite sampling place, otherwise its product presses unqualified processing.
4, monitored vegetable sort and amount
Monitored vegetable sort should be in the following 6 kinds are chosen choose, in principle cannot exceed this range. :
1 eggplant fruit (tomato, chili, aubergine) ;
2 melon dish kind (cucumber, balsam pear, pumpkin) ;
3 wild cabbage kind (cabbage, cauliflower) ;
4 Chinese cabbage kind (Chinese cabbage, a variety of Chinese cabbage, common Chinese cabbage) ;
5 greenery dish kind (heart of lettuce, dish, celery, hollow dish, wave dish) ;
6 beanses dish kind (bean, cowpea) ;
Each city monitors sample every time 5 not less than breed, every breed 5 not less than sample, every city sum total is not gotten under 30.
5, the project that monitor and detect according to
(one) sampling method
Vegetable samples to be carried out by NY/T762-2004 regulation;
(2) the project that monitor and detect according to
The project that monitor is happy for armour amine phosphor, oxygen fruit, phosphor amine, long effect phosphor, armour mixes phosphor of phosphor of amine of armour of tick of phosphor of sulfur of amine of phosphor, parathion, methylic parathion, water, DDVP, kill with poison, acetyl, 3 Zun phosphor, the sulfur that kill snout moth's larva, chloric cyanogen.
Detect by NY/T761-2004 the regulation is carried out.
6, decide basis and principle
According to our country pesticide GB2763-2005 of standard of rudimental set limit to undertakes deciding, the place project that monitor is whole eligible, decide for " project of check of this product place is eligible " ; Have an index unqualified person, sentence namely for " this product is unqualified " . In the meantime, detect assume an unit to should consult CAC (FAO/WHO) , the standard of European Union, United States, Japan and Korea or instruction undertake evaluating an analysis to monitoring a result.
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