The country develops innovation appoint reach about strengthening potassium chlo
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Hair change the value [2008]933 date

Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government develops innovation appoint, prices bureau:

Potassium chloride since is main chemical fertilizer breed, it is one of important raw material that manufacturing answer mixes fertilizer. Price of potassium chloride of near future home market appears relatively rise substantially, drive further answer mix fertilizer to rise in price. At present spring ploughing production is spreading out in the round in countrywide each district, to control chemical fertilizer price unreasonable rise, protect farmer interest, the agriculture such as stimulative commissariat produces progress, strengthen potassium chloride to reach now answer the price that mix fertilizer superintends concerned problem to inform as follows:

One, strengthen potassium chloride to reach further answer management of the producer price that mix fertilizer

Branch of officer of each district price wants to fulfil my appoint to allot seriously " the country develops innovation appoint the announcement that superintends about enhancing chemical fertilizer value " (hair change the value [2008]166 date) spirit, it is chemical fertilizer produces an area to still sell a division no matter, want cogent the responsibility that bears a price of stable chemical fertilizer, strengthen pair of potassium chloride further, answer the superintendency of the producer price that mix fertilizer. Coach to executing a government valence manages, want careful of strict cost inspect, reasonable and certain fiducial price reachs float range; Did not implement governmental guidance price, should execute carry valence to declare or move valence to put on record system, produce cost from enterprise of severe examine and verify, strict control moves valence frequency and tone price range, unreasonable to rising in price, should instruct an enterprise to renew cost price or reduce the scope that move price. Ask key potassium chloride to produce an enterprise to be in an area branch of provincial price officer is in agree to carry valence to declare or my appoint signs up for while tone price puts on record (the price manages) put on record, copy to price of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is in charge of a branch.

2, continue to strengthen management of price of entrance potassium chloride

The price of delivery of potassium chloride haven that the company that has management qualification imports directly still by me appoint make, the enterprise presses the fiducial price of my appoint check and ratify to carry out, no longer rise, next float are not restricted.

The potassium chloride that the enterprise imports directly, should seasonable to me appoint application newspaper approves haven delivery price. Sell no matter answer company of the production that mix fertilizer or current business, all want to hand in commodity price case strictly to sell according to the haven of national check and ratify, must not be outside valence collection any charge.
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