Postal savings bank of chemical fertilizer and China is changed to form an allia
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Our country changes fertilizer limited company and the Chinese postal savings bank that own site of most country finance 28 days to sign strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing in the biggest fertilizer company, both sides announces will around ' 3 farming ' service forms long-term strategic alliance formally, devote oneself to to be construction of new rural area of development of modernization of Chinese characteristic agriculture, socialism, farmer to go straight towards well-off to produce main force effect in the round jointly.

According to consultative agreement, buy to solve a farmer how many years to use ready money all the time farming endowment the capital that commodity brings is insecure, no-go wait for malpractice, bilateral collaboration will issue a name to be the bank card that green card ' turns in ' , purchase for the farmer farming asset is tasted offer safe, convenient capital to close pay a service, also be helpful for strengthening both sides to be in a country further the brand image of the market; Consultative content returns an agreement, mail store chemical fertilizer is changed to offer 10 billion yuan of special financing in silver-colored behavior, chemical fertilizer is changed to build more basic level cent to sell in be being used at support center and offer to the farmer richer farming asset is tasted, mail at the same time store the bank also strengthened the position in rural money market further.

The member that group leading Party group is changed to become in China, medium change Du Keping of general manager of fertilizer limited company to make an appointment with ceremonially to express in the autograph, seventeen of the party 3 in plenary meeting reforms development to point to clear direction further for our country country, carry out fulfil national ' in order to be versed in the hurried farming, development policy that carries countryside ' with the city, chemical fertilizer is changed to regard an industry bibcock enterprise that is service object with the farmer as there is no shirking the responsibility in. Can say, serve the mission that this altogether is the same as, joint pursuit for Chinese agriculture industry, facilitated the strategic collaboration between postal savings bank of chemical fertilizer and China is changed in today.

Tao Liming of president of Chinese postal savings bank expresses, the subscription of agreement of framework of collaboration of strategy of silver-colored look forward to, compose built China postal savings bank and in the mechanism of lasting effect collaboration that changes chemical fertilizer, be helpful for Chinese postal savings bank producing the network advantage that communicates urban and rural and binary economy, serve ' better 3 farming ' . In the meantime, chinese postal savings bank will be chance with agreement of framework of this strategy collaboration, seventeen to fulfil a party 3 in plenary meeting ' adds post store bank experience farming the spirit that serves limits ' makes larger contribution.
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