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Each set bureau of area city business affairs:
According to national Department of Commerce 2008 the 81st announcement " quota of chemical fertilizer custom duty imported gross 2009, allocate principle and application process " (website of Department of Commerce already announced Http: / / ) , show what application chemical fertilizer imported custom duty quota 2009 to inform as follows about matters concerned:
The chemical fertilizer breed that executed management of custom duty quota 2009 is: Urea (duty bugle call: 3102100001) , phosphoric acid 2 ammonium (duty bugle call: 3105300001) with compound fertilizer (duty bugle call: 3105200001) .
One, the unit that applies quota of chemical fertilizer state trading is: The agriculture that has entrance base and gain produces data company; The agriculture that has entrance base and gain 3 stations (earthy fertilizer station, seed station, farming ability stands) ; The chemical fertilizer that has entrance base and gain produces a business; Accord with new entrance applicant of the condition.
2, the unit that can file chemical fertilizer to be not state trading quota is: The border land that has entrance base and entrance gain is small trade business; Entrance base and the foreign trader that import gain invest an enterprise; Have entrance base and the other company that import gain; Accord with new entrance applicant of the condition.
3, the material that files custom duty quota to need a newspaper to send (one type 2) :
(one) the basic case that files an unit: Photocopy of carbon of industrial and commercial business charter, register amount of capital, productivity, operation, sales revenue, taxes to wait;
(2) nearly 3 years (2006 - 2008) quota allocation amount, include to divide breed amount, add about allocate file photocopy;
(3) nearly 3 years (2006 - 2008) chemical fertilizer imports gain, include to divide breed to import gain (entrance gain declares at customs with custom statistic is accurate) ;
(4) the breed of the quota of chemical fertilizer custom duty that applied 2009 and amount; Make clear state trading to perhaps be not state trading (both cannot apply for at the same time) .
4, application process and time: Application time is came 30 days on October 20, 2008. Application unit has concerned application data neat evacuation makes inning of local business affairs, via first trial of bureau of local business affairs unified newspaper sends a province business affairs office.
5, after bureau of each city business affairs receives this announcement, inform this locality of the enterprise concerned spirit as soon as possible, collect company application data neat hind Wu saves foreign trade of business affairs hall to be in at the newspaper before October 30 (Shijiazhuang and be setting road 334 418 rooms) .
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