Fertilizer company should transform service means answers an industry " cold win
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Li Qiubing of vise general manager of fertilizer limited company is changed to expressed recently in, since this year, wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation of situation of global economy finance is choppy, fertilizer market also experienced nearly 10 years to come the biggest acuteness wave motion. Current phosphor answer fertilizer is whole the industry encountered life and death lives or die " cold winter " , market slump in price, keep long in stock of stock of company high price, start working is not worth badly, the sale is difficult.

Li Qiubing is answer fertilizer of phosphor of the 9th when held recently homebred high concentration produce and sale is made on the meeting afore-mentioned denotive. This year is current system reforms our country chemical fertilizer 10 years, come 10 years, industry of our country fertilizer, especially phosphate fertilizer industry gained the success that attract worldwide attention, produce competition ability of can rapid dilate, industry to rise considerably, there is main effect in developing continuously with agriculture in safety of safeguard country food. Face current difficulty, li Qiubing expresses, the confidence that has no before need of Chinese fertilizer industry and unprecedented responsibility meet a challenge, the safe with one one's heart that is agriculture endeavors.

The personage inside course of study expresses, face current phosphor of answer fertilizer industry " cold winter " , fertilizer company need ambulated before on base of service of type, flow type, the stationary that begin, specific aim serves kind by force, through setting an example the form such as village construction makes a farmer true study, master and raise scientific fertilization, let a farmer reduce the investment of chemical fertilizer cost already, raise yield, abridged edition synergism, still can improve edaphic composition, reduce farmland pollution, make produce more safe. The reporter is in " in change chemical fertilizer demonstrative village " -- village of the building after Zhu Li presses down area of cold booth of city of Shandong Wei lane interviews understanding to arrive, building village agrarian region accumulates more than mus 600 after, basically give priority to in order to plant corn, wheat, size of phosphorous answer fat market makes an appointment with 60 tons. The farmer is bought in change chemical fertilizer to be able to get every bags of 5 price to 10 yuan privilege, in early days of spring ploughing, autumn planting, it is freely set an example inside the village door provide the service that measure land, invite local expert basis to set an example an edaphic circumstance and the habit that use fertilizer configures proper fertilizer for its, the spot solves fertilization, management for the farmer, wait for a problem with medicine, let set an example a material benefit that enjoys science to use fertilizer.

As we have learned, regard home as the biggest chemical fertilizer supplier, chemical fertilizer is changed to be joined at present in accuse an enterprise phosphor answer fertilizer is produced can close 6 million tons, still built have build cent to sell a center oneself the network system that 1800 much home, service covers 91 % farmland area of Chinese. Chemical fertilizer is changed to was in 2001 in domestic farming endowment the industry took the lead in debutting 800 - 810 - the free service phone of 9991, the expert professor that invites courtyard of division of Chinese agriculture college, China farming is received hear a hot line, online all sorts of fertilization problems that solve a farmer, transmission surveys earthy recipe fertilization and scientific fertilization knowledge. Up to now, 800 call accumulative total receives the telephone call that hears more than 1 million person-time to seek advice, suffer beneficial farmer to exceed 600 thousand person directly. Current, all sorts of free service cost that chemical fertilizer influences to pass on a farmer every year in exceed 40 million yuan.
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