One ammonium already did not have phosphoric acid basically drop space
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From August 30 tax regulations of the State Council appoint go up clearly further tone nitrogenous fertilizer and synthetic ammonia are special custom duty, other chemical fertilizer is special since export custom duty continues to the end of the year, all fronts of domestic fertilizer market drops. At present urea price from 2500 yuan (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) drop 1800 yuan, phosphoric acid 2 ammonium drop from 4800 yuan 3000 yuan, and one ammonium issues phosphoric acid defeat range is the biggest, drop from 4100 yuan 2000 yuan. Be issued to lower levels of prices of this round of fertilizer, drop fast fast, drop is unprecedented mostly, phosphoric acid one ammonium especially apparent.
Phosphoric acid one ammonium drops a head the list, the reason is many sided. Going one round when the end of the year begins rising in prices, get price of raw material brimstone mad go up 10 of Yu Bei drive, of phosphorous ammonium price go up a prep above urea; Brimstone steeps fall from 6000 yuan of perch nowadays to 1000 yuan the following, because this drops in price of this round of chemical fertilizer,ammonium of the phosphor in the process drops exceed urea to also be in reason. And in phosphorous ammonium, phosphoric acid one ammonium drops more very Yu Lin is acerbity 2 ammonium, main with respect to the difference because of utility respect. 2 ammonium are phosphoric acid more direct employ, and phosphoric acid one ammonium basically uses as manufacturing answer Hefei, and in complex fat raw material, potash fertilizer price is relatively strong fall lesser, urea carries out a quantity directly big, because this is compound,fertilizer reduces cost by phosphoric acid with respect to more ground one ammonium is assumed. Look from structure of supply and demand, the pressure of one ammonium also is more than phosphoric acid phosphoric acid 2 ammonium. The yield of 2 ammonium needs phosphoric acid this year superfluous about 200 ~ 2.5 million tons, and phosphoric acid one ammonium is superfluous about 3.5 million tons. Additional, the country brings into phosphate fertilizer first this year weak store limits, decide in 7 ~ phosphate fertilizer of special in October arrangement produces a business weak store the task 1 million tons, but breed is phosphoric acid entirely 2 ammonium, one ammonium can not soak phosphoric acid glazing.
From eye antecedent condition looks, one ammonium passes phosphoric acid this round deep adjust, had neared cereal end, already did not have the space that continues to drop basically.
One of, prices cutting sb in two at the waist. Pass two months reduce the price considerably, at present 55% farinaceous phosphoric acid of one ammonium clinch a deal the price is controlled in 2000 yuan, with highest 4100 yuan of photograph comparing when, by the waist cut an in part, basically retreat return the level before the chemical fertilizer in year began to rise in price last year, arrived already quickly to drop do not have the degree that can drop.
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