Domestic coal is slow-moving the phenomenon is even more serious
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Queasy international finance situation and the international crude price that go low ceaselessly are forming pressure to whole coal market. On October 27, the reporter learns, up to on October 24, international coal price has fallen split 100 dollars / ton col, have drop further posture. Nevertheless, domestic coal market did not follow however drop however perch wanders. The personage inside course of study thinks, suffer global economy to glide influence, inflection point of city of coal of home of the our country inside four quarters or appear, because coal is at present exalted boundless, slow-moving phenomenon is more and more serious.

   International coal price falls to 96 dollars / ton

"International crude price lasts fall after a rise, below such condition, coal price also is in international to follow all the way drop. " a personage inside course of study says.

The reporter notices, trade according to round-the-world coal electron weekly index shows platform, international coal price will defeated 100 dollars col every tons on October 24, drop to 96 dollars / ton, relatively before a week (on October 20) dropped again 8 dollars / ton, odd week drops achieve 7.6% , relatively a week before this drops (6.4%) tower above 1.2 percent.

Meanwhile, global shipping market also is in reduce continuously in. Current, index of shipping of international dry bulk cargo (BDI) has dropped to 1102 bits, relatively before a week (on October 20) dropped 1506 a little bit again 26.8% .

"This means marine charge to still be in drop adjust in, return the price that can help low international coal further thereby. " a personage inside course of study is forecasted, international coal shows now to drop posture, so right already the adjustment of the domestic coal market that the price hangs pressure increases.

  Domestic coal city or difficult " carry " live

However, of extraordinary is, at present domestic coal market is behaved so that have a place however " independent " , countrywide coal " barometer " a week on price of coal of Qin Huang island still wanders in perch, but exalted boundless, slow-moving phenomenon is even more serious.

On October 27, the reporter learns from network of Chinese coal market, price of coal of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty did not continue general falls, only Shanxi actor is mixed (calorific quantity 5500 kilocalorie / kilogram) a kind of coal reduced 10 yuan / ton, achieve 840 yuan / ton - 860 yuan / ton, and other each coal is planted price of a week before all was being maintained.

"In light of the circumstance that comes more with respect to a month, price of coal of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty falls not big, also be in 10 yuan / ton go to 40 yuan / ton, reduce nearly 50 dollars with price of coal of international of the corresponding period / ton photograph comparing, it may be said is original. " Li Chaolin of researcher of coal market network says. But he always is hopeful also points out, from the point of history of development of industry of our country coal, global banking crisis expands economy of coal of influence our country.
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