Chongqing city obtains national chemical fertilizer to lay in index and support
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To make sure fertilizer market is supplied, stabilize market price case, accelerate agricultural production thereby, increase farmer income, since 2005 the country started chemical fertilizer off-season reserve works, arrange financing of partial finance discount to give support, end to already bade through enrolling means accumulative total arranges chemical fertilizer to lay in index at present 12 million tons. Because of dimensions of production of our city chemical fertilizer, current business lesser, actual strength is not strong, all the time since fail to be seleted the company list that assumes national chemical fertilizer to lay in the task, 100 thousand tons of index of area of former attributive Chongqing are changed by plain day, Lu day is changed accuse mark of contest of Inc. of 9 standing grain is obtained.

Be opposite to enhance an our city the adjusting control ability of market of this locality fertilizer, get ought belonging to our city farming endowment the speech of the enterprise counterpoises, city develops innovation appoint coordinate actively, supervise and urge group of firm of company of city supply and marketing, city is common will finish what produce data Inc. to city agriculture to increase endowment spread in September this year, register capital gold to increase 30 million yuan by 23.23 million yuan, satisfied the postulate that is seleted contest mark. Organize company of city supply and marketing, city farming twice early or late inside half month subsequently endowment the company grows innovation to the country appoint report on a special trip, strive for actively participate in increase bid of reserve index contest newly this year. Because quick on the trigger, attitude is positive, the our city is built eventually went up last bus, city farming endowment the company is seleted contest bid list in last hour, bid of final contest is successful, obtain chemical fertilizer country to lay in index first 50 thousand tons, among them: Urea 20 thousand tons, gao Nong spends compound fertilizer 10 thousand tons, potash fertilizer 20 thousand tons. On October 17 city farming endowment the company already grew innovation with the country appoint classics trade department signed 2008-2009 year off-season commerce lays in chemical fertilizer bear store agreement, consultative value amount 136 million yuan, obtain fund of national finance pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange 4 million yuan.