Industry public figure appeals attention chemical fertilizer produces a business
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At present, although already arrived winter store seasonal, the businessman is in however manage money wait-and-see, winter store the market disappears tardy start. The Shandong that saves greatly as the first chemical fertilizer saves chemical fertilizer to because nobody receive money,produce a business, capital has not enough to go round, the urea production company that already had close in part is forced stop production. For this, on October 24, shandong saves fertilizer industry association to concern personage appeal, the country should publish relevant policy as soon as possible about the branch, lest cause next year spring,do not have the situation that goods can offer.
As we have learned, price of urea of the Shandong at the beginning of September every tons 2000 yuan, half month time falls reach 1900 yuan, already dropped now defeat 1800 yuan, the price of major company is in 1750 yuan. The time urea of a many month dropped every tons 250 yuan still come into stock without city. After the enterprise is produced, nobody receive money, capital has not enough to go round, at present company of production of 26 urea of Shandong already had 12 to be forced stop production, take the close in part that saves urea company completely.
Yang Chunsheng of chairman of association of industry of Shandong province fertilizer analyses a businessman to hold the reason with wait-and-see money to have: It is the cost line that the businessman is producing to chemical fertilizer undertakes trying to find out the real intention. Present actual condition is, besides the enterprise of minority and colliery affiliation, other fertilizer company already moved below in cost line. 2 be as international crude price drop ceaselessly, very tall to the expectation value of coal price fall. 3 it is a country benefit farming policy has not come on stage completely, policy of exit drawback policy, relevant chemical fertilizer value has not been made clear. 4 it is to be caused losing effect to the businessman by phosphate fertilizer price fall, crisis of banking of together with whole world, the businessman is insufficient to market confidence.
Yang Chunsheng thinks, current businessman lacks confidence to do not have a basis. Above all, shandong chemical fertilizer sees be equilibrium of supply and demand from whole, nonexistent the question that begs for be more than; Next, social stocks and kept balance last year; Again next, it is good that the country published a series of benefits policy, the businessman does not have necessary panic.
Industry public figure appeals social all circles pays close attention to chemical fertilizer to produce a business, shandong is our country chemical fertilizer the biggest province, inside short time, enterprise of close half urea stop production is very infrequent at the same time, the corresponding policy that hopes the country publishs chemical fertilizer price to manage as soon as possible about the branch and exit drawback policy, in order to stabilize the market, lest cause next year spring,do not have the situation that goods can offer.
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