Development delay accuses commentate fat no time to delay
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Traditional chemical fertilizer because utilization rate is low as unscientific as method of application wait for a reason, created enormous waste not only, more because chemical fertilizer is medium much nitrogen, phosphor, Potassium

Wait for an element to be released empty medium, remain at soil or in entering groundwater and surface water, create serious agricultural area

Source pollution. And have improve fertilizer efficiency, reduce chemical fertilizer to make the dosage, delay that reduces fertilization to wait for an advantage with labour accuses commentate fat

Makings, solving resource excessive use up, reduce agricultural face source pollution, reduce agriculture to produce the respect such as cost to have

Main effect, further progress promotion is imperative. A few experts and generator are mirrorred, our country should develop strong

Big delay accuses commentate fat industry still wants a state multinomial policy gives aid to.
One, improper use causes chemical fertilizer serious pollution and enormous waste

Increase industry to pollute processing strength as each district, point source pollution begins to get be controllinged effectively, industrial pollution

Processing also appears good the look of things, and pollution of agricultural face source has not cause height to take seriously.
Zhang Shixian of round member of speech of popular science of old expert of former vice director of department of agriculture of Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Sciences says, farming

Pollution of job cover source is to point to wait in film of the chemical fertilizer in agricultural production process, pesticide, ground agricultural of goods and materials unreasonable had mixed

The quantity is used, and the water system that the random of the agricultural litter such as cultivate birds excrement and urine is discharged and creates, soil and atmospheric

Pollution. Face source pollution has the characteristic of conceal sex, dispersive sex, save up sex and advance gradually sex, once pollution happens

, restore hard. Current, what our country has close in part is laky be in serious eutrophication condition, and farming

Pollution of job cover source is main reason. In be being polluted like pool of another name for Yunnan Province, agricultural face source is polluted to content of total nitrogen, total phosphor

Contributive rate already was as high as 43 % and 37 % above respectively.  
A when announce according to institute of soil of Nanjing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences too source of face of lake catchment agriculture pollutes research achievement

Show: Be in too in the exterior pollution gross of the lake, agricultural face source pollutes the proportion that holds to rise continuously, at present already

Occupy 50 % left and right sides. The nutrient material such as much nitrogen, phosphor, heavy metal became those who destroy water environment " prime criminal
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